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Friday, May 16, 2008:
A classic romance I've never read: "Flowers From the Storm"

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Pub. Date: October 1992
ISBN-13: 9780380761326

The Duke of Jervaulx was brilliant and dangerous. Considered dissolute, reckless, and extravagant, he was transparently referred to as the 'D of J' in scandal sheets, where he and his various exploits featured with frequency. But sometimes the most womanising rake can be irresistible, and even his most casual attentions fascinated the sheltered Maddy Timms, quiet daughter of a simple mathematician.

By now it's pretty obvious by now that my reading resume has several obvious gaps in it. (I guess if I didn't spend so much time reading the really naughty stuff I'd have a more well-rounded education).

So yesterday I was looking at my Amazon recommendations and came across this little gem. I've only read one Laura Kinsdale book in my time, and that would be "For My Lady's Heart". It was okay, but I remember that I couldn't wait to finish the book; I just wanted it to be over. Definitely not a re-read. And not the kind of reaction I like to have with my books.

Anyway, this book came to my attention, and the synopsis sounded really interesting to me. I even read some of the Amazon reviews (going back to a time before drama and controversy) and found a few that were very well written and piqued my curiosity even further. So now I'm throwing it out there and asking what readers in blogland think of this book and whether it is worth my time.

Is "Flowers From the Storm" worth my time?

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  1. That is funny I was just talking about this book with nath. We both have it and neither of us have read it either. So I am interested in this answer too.
    I started my first Kinsale book this week called Midsummer Moon and it is pretty good so far.

  2. I have never read a Kinsale. If you decide to read it, please post a review!

  3. OMG YES!! This book is Kinsale's best IMO. Redemption, love and trust and romance reign supreme!! READ THIS BOOK!!!

  4. I'm honestly not a big fan of Kinsale. But I do love this book. I'll say this though, the language in the book does take a bit to get adjusted to. But it's worth the time. It's a beautifully written book that very much focuses on the relationship between the hero and heroine. It's lovely.

  5. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes YES!!!!!!

    I read this book when my youngest was newborn and a bit colicky and I spent hours pacing around with him on my shoulder reading this avidly.

    It's wonderful.

  6. Oh absolutely it is worth your time!! It's wonderful!! And equally wonderful - if not just a tad more for me, is The Shadow and the Storm.
    FWIW, I've tried to get into For My Lady's Heart 3 times now and just couldn't so you really can't compare that one with her earlier books.

    "Read it," she urged. "It's a classic."

  7. Hm, haven't read it but I might have to now :)

  8. You must read it! It will change the way you look at romances. :o)

  9. uI own this one too, but have never read it. I'll get to it eventually, I hope. I hear good things about it all the time ~ I just get sidetracked.

  10. OH MY, YES!!! It's the only Laura Kinsale book I've ever read and one of my most favorite keepers. It's different than any romance and what an emotional roller coaster. The type that when you get off you yell, "YEAH! I wanna do that again!!"

    Geesh! I feel so passionately that you need to read this book I came out of hiatus just to tell you so!

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