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Tuesday, April 08, 2008:
We interrupt this regularly scheduled programming...
Photobucket let you know I will be out of town on an impromptu business trip to D.C. and will not be blogging for some time. I know, I know, I can hear the moans and cries across the land. (Snort). Sure.

This is probably a good thing cuz I get a little too obsessed with blogging, and now I'll be forced to stay away and do other things. I still have a ton of books to get through, so I'll be bringing some with me. Might do a little sight-seeing, though not too much since I'm going there for vacation next month.


And of course I pack like I'm going for a month. It's crazy, but I like to have lots of clothes to choose from, even if I know I won't wear half of them. It's like a security blanket, I guess. And as long as I have enough room for books, I can live with that.

I think I've mentioned a time or two that I'm a nervous flyer, at least at take-off. And in the last several months I've probably dreamt about crashing planes at least 3 or 4 times. According to one dream interpretation: For you to dream about a plane crash means that something OUT of your control, that you should be able to rely on and trust in, has gone haywire. This isn't about you and something you should have been able to do properly. This is about someone or something else that you *Trusted* that let you down completely, in a way that had a huge impact on your life.

Hmmmm. Well, that's a topic for another blog, once I figure out what it all means. Right now I'm just going to enjoy the experience and hope I remember my camera...and wish I had the Valium...

Do you travel for business?

If so, what do you do in your free time?

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  1. ooh, have fun! I live about 70 miles from DC. It's a great place to visit. Lots to see and do. And hopefully you will see pretty cherry blossoms. *g*

    As for travel...yeah, I do that for my work. When I do it is usually international travel and pretty grueling, but I lurves it. I was on my first airplane at age 3 and have spent the bulk of my life shuttling from one continent to another, so it seems normal.

    Tips for the plane...bring hard candy or gum. It's always better to have something in your mouth during take-off and landing so you can keep the pressure in your ears at a normal level. And if you're like me, it gives you some distraction. (yeah, chewing takes some serious thinking. lol)


  2. wOOt! Can't wait to see you, Stace!

    Sula, how did I not know you and I were so close in proximity?? Wow.

    Yeah, I used to travel a ton for business. Less so now, although at the end of the month, I'm going to California for business. I've traveled enough now that flying doesn't bother me anymore. Thank goodness. It used to be I was very high anxiety when I flew. But now I just have a routine that gets me through. That, and the little chat I have with God before the pilot takes off. ;o)

  3. Be safe and have fun!

    I do a little bit of travelling for work, just a couple times of year. But usually within the province.

  4. hey mary kate! Yeah, seems that there are a few of us in the greater DC area. :) Although I'm more like VA almost in WV. lol. Isn't there an RT or RWA convention scheduled to be in DC in the next couple of years? That would be teh awesome!

  5. I’m so jealous I’m not high enough on the food chain to travel :o( but then at the same time I really wouldn’t want to be leaving my son all the time so it’s kind of a wash.

    Have fun on your trip and you should still go out and hit some of the sites :o)

    Kati you’ll have to let me know how the flight is so I can prepare for next month.

  6. You better come back though!! We are going to miss you while your gone.
    And be sure to have lots of fun

  7. Have lots of fun. We will miss you while you are away. I do not really travel for business. Though I did once fly to Michigan for a teacher training, that was cool.(it is also when i found out I was prego with #1, I was so air sick) My free time on tat trip was spending time with family who lived there and some new friends I made at training.

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