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Saturday, April 14, 2007:
frizzy up the girl....
I've been growing out my hair for awhile, and though it wasn't super-long, it was super straight, and super thin, and for someone with a pumpkin head such as myself, that really wasn't a good look. Despite numerous battles with my curling iron and gels and mousses, my hair became resistant to even the slightest wave, so I realized I had to make a decision: get it cut or suffer the agonies of "the perm".
Now I haven't had a perm in about 6 years, and after that one, I swore I'd never do it again. Part of the problem was, at that time I elected to go with a bit of a smaller curl, a tighter wave, and it was frizzy and hard to control. I know understood the hair issues of someone with naturally curly hair, and I hated it for the longest time.
Plus, a "perm" sounds so 80's, so dated, and I dreaded re-living that look LOL. Besides, I wanted to grow out my hair since I never really had long hair (when I was a kid, my hair was cut so short that people would say to my parents "Oh, are these your 3 boys" !!!) because my mother told me that by getting it cut, it would make it thicker. Such a liar, that woman. I think she just didn't want to have to deal with fixing a girl's long hair because when she was growing up, she had beautiful, thick, long hair that her mother would dress up and play with, and my mother absolutely hated being a living doll. She was more the low-maintenance, wild child type.
Anywayz, so Thursday I made the appointment (instant gratification is my motto) and Friday I suffered through 2 hours of sitting in a chair, smelling god-awful chemicals which last for days, and having neck strain from leaning back over the basin while my hair was rinced. Oh oh oh, but it was worth it!
Now my hair is fuller, softer, and rather cute on me (a challenge to meet, I swear to you), and well worth the trials and tribulations I went through to get it. So yeah, maybe I'm a little bit stuck in the 80's, but I'm rather happy with the look. And I didn't have to spend $200 either (which is something I refuse to do). I know that you get what you pay for, but I would rather spend my hard-earned moula on books instead of hair maintenance.
What about you - hair horror stories or happy endings?
Are you happy with your current look? What is your regular hair routine?
If you have a certain style, what would it be?

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  1. Oh man, I am so glad it turned out well for you because as I was reading your post, I was thinking in my head "NO!! For the love of God man, don't do it!" :)

    Hair Horror - I have had green hair and purple hair...neither on purpose!

    I once tried an ethnic straightener on my hair, because I have really thick hair - my hair litereally shriveled up and fell off!

    And all years prior to me purchasing a CHI straightening iron. That baby has changed my life!!

    Happy With Current Look? Well, as you know, I just cut my long hair off and regretted it. Although, I am fine with it how it is. I am not too vain when it comes to my hair. My current hair routine is wash once a week, full style, and then on the days in between, I straighten out the crinks with my super awesome CHI straightening iron!

    My style - Easy!

  2. I, like you, HAVE to have a perm because my hair is stick straight, thick, and refuses to respond to any and all hair gels, mousses, and sprays. Sigh. So, I get the perm. I get a specific one that doesn't frizz out my hair(thank God) and my stylist totally rocks. :-)

    Horror stories? Oh yeah. Not from perms but from coloring. Seriously, trying to go from brunette to blonde at home is so NOT the way to go. Because my hair turned the ugliest shade of orange/blonde and so I HAD to color it back. And then my hair turned GREEN. I shit you not. GREEN. It was horrifying. So, my stylist, after appropriately chastising me, gave me a conditioner that had brown coloring in it to use until my disaster grew out. LOL Nightmare city. Oye.

    Congrats on the great hair.

  3. I have a horrible relationship with my hair. LOL When I was 11, my hair was past my hips. Then I went to boy-short. My hair finally got long again in 2000 (I was 18). Then in 2002, I got my hair cut short (like Halle Berry) and I absolutely hated growing it out. I couldn't make any kind of style look good. ewww Now my hair is around my shoulders, with layers and some natural curls have appeared out of nowhere. It's ok now.

  4. Jodi: LOL. Believe me, I had my reservations, but I'm definitely happy with the results. You've had some doozies, girl. I'm glad you still have your hair. It looks gorgeous, btw. Wash once a week? I could never get away with that. Sigh...

    Anne: I'm glad you got a rockin' stylist. The color thing? Oh hell yeah, been there. Bright orange (shiver in horror). Once it turned this unbelievable shade of bergundy. I've learned my lesson.

    Ames: yeah, what's with the love/hate thing with our hair? Happy to hear you've come to terms with yours - it sounds like a great style, like something I would covet *g*

  5. I'm so glad you're happy with it!! No major hiar horror stories for me. My hair is enough hassle on a day to day basis if I don't have it in braids.

  6. I'm so glad your hair turned out the way you wanted and you're happy with it!

    When I was a little girl I had beautiful wavy hair. When I hit my tomboy stage at about 10, I cut it all off and it grew back curly and frizzy. I mean F.R.I.Z.Z. So when I hit my 20s, I started perming it to control the frizz. Once I had my kids, the frizz kind of started controlling itself, and one day I decided I'd had enough of my 80s haircut (the bangs and high hair with the long hair in the back). So I went to my long time hairdresser and asked her what she'd do if I gave her carte blanche and she said "do nothing". So that's what I do now. (except for the blond highlights I put in to cover the gray *g*)

    I grew all the layers out and have long curly hair (mid-back) that I do nothing to. I mousse it to control what little frizz is left. That's it. Hubby likes it cause he thinks it looks like I just had sex all the time, which, of course, makes him look good LMAO. I did make him promise that when I start looking like Dyan Cannon he'll let me know. I do NOT want to have all that gorgeous hair on a face that should have had a haircut 20 years ago!

    When I'm feeling extremely adventurous and have tons of time (like an hour!) I blow it out straight. I think I've done it about three times in the past year.

  7. Stacy, You're cute as a button and would be cute as a button even WITHOUT hair!

    My hair has always been incredibly coarse and thick, and somewhat wavy. As I've gotten older it has gone beyond wavy and is almost curly. I might bitch and moan when I'm around other women who are complaining about their hair, but I honestly don't hate it because it is fairly simple to get it to do what I want.

    I cringe when I hear the word "perm" although I know they've come a long way. I once was on the receiving end of a bad perm, and as soon as it grew out about an inch and a half I had it all cut off - by a different hairdresser.

    I can't wait to see your new hair, Stacy!

  8. Kelley: I think you look great in braids, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Lori: thanx for sharing your hair issues. It sounds now you've found a great look for you - I'm jealous. Yeah, there are a few ladies at work with hair past their butt, but the worst thing is it just hangs there - they don't style it or anything. I looks like it needs to be cut. I never want to look like that.

    Laurie: You are too sweet. I love your hair. It's gorgeous. But I guess we're never happy, are we. Btw, I hope I never know what it's like to have no hair LOL. Not a look I'm aiming for. And I can't wait to see you either. Less than 2 months....

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