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Wednesday, April 11, 2007:
Oh how I love that sound.....
This is a topic I've been thinking about for awhile because I've noticed it quite a bit with myself lately, and also because it kinda amuses me. Believe it or not, despite my fangirl silliness over the hotties, in RL I'm someone who's got a pretty good grip on things, so I don't get all giggly or flustered over much....(okay, maybe Josh Bernstein, who've I've actually met). So here's the thing:
Certain male voices have rather a particularly strong effect on me. I can't explain the specific "why" of it, but for the most part, what works is pretty easy to figure out. I like deep voices, voices that I can feel in the pit of my stomach when I hear them, the kind that make me want to purr like a cat, much like the sensation I get when someone brushes my hair. It's purely a physical reaction I get whenever I hear a someone speak; it's not something I have any control over - it just happens. I guess it's the same way certain scents invoke a memory or a strong feeling.

Accents are one of the reasons a specific voice can work its magic on me. For example, an English accent, like that of Hugh Grant or Simon Cowell, doesn't do a thing for me. It sounds too bloody proper, even when the person speaking is swearing up a storm, and while they don't exactly repel me, they don't give me those happy shivers either. And some of the English slang puts me off, like the words "bloke", or "wanker", or "ballocks" or "bugger" (I know, I'm a total snob). So even as much as I love Colin Firth, it ain't his voice that does the trick - it's that scene from P&P, after he dives in the pond, wearing that billowing white shirt that totally makes me melt.

Australian accents....well, a few have the power. Keith Urban, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman. It's almost like a cross of Irish and English so the sound is almost lyrical, but sometimes a little too....boisterous to work on me everytime. Does that make sense? I think Paul Hogan ruined it for me. "G'day mate" does nothing for me after having seen "Crocodile Dundee".

Now Scottish or Irish accents are a different story. Did you ever see "Four Weddings and a Funeral", or "Sliding Doors"? John Hannah has one of those voices that I could listen to all day long and never get sick of it. Even playing a gay character in "4 Weddings" didn't take away from that amazing voice of his. I melt whenever I hear him talk, especially if it's in a hushed, quiet voice. Man oh man, if he could bottle that voice, I'd be one happy camper.
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Oh, and I can't forget Gerard Butler. I've only seen him in "Lara Croft - Tomb Raiders: Cradle of Life" and even though he played the bad guy, oh what a bad guy he was! Gerard just seems to have this earthy appeal - he's sexy in a rugged, very masculine way, which is definitely my type of guy. I've always had a thing for Scotland, going back to my fascination with Loch Ness, and he seems to fit with that mystique.
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Another actor from that Tomb Raider movie that has a lyrical voice is Djimon Hounsou. I recently saw him in "Blood Diamond" (never did post my review) and he was phenomenal in it. Djimon is from Benin, a country in west Africa, and I love hearing the sounds of his country in his voice. I feel like I'm getting a sense of it just by listening to him talk.
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Now southern accents are tricky. I know that a lot of women really go for the southern gentleman thing, but again, too proper for moi. It has to be a combination of the deep voice, slight twang, hint of the devil in it for the voice to have any effect on me. I like listening to a lot of country singers talk because they sound so polite, yet at the same time, you can just hear the good old boy raising a little hell in it, you know, the kind that can get a woman to take her clothes off without even blinking....or is that just me?

My co-workers like to tease me because there is this older guy at work with a deep voice that has a hint of a southern accent, and it drives me rather crazy. I just love it. I sometimes call him over to talk to just for that reason. (And he is pretty good-looking for an old, married guy). Boy do I get razzed about it. What can I say, it's one of my guilty pleasures, and completely harmless; he has no idea what his voice does to me and I have no plans to tell him. I just love listening to him talk.
What about you: do voices drive you crazy?
Who could you listen to all day long?



  1. Ohh! Good topic, Stace. I love me a southern accent. I have a friend who is from Georgia. And I swear, he's got a drawl that'll just about make you drop your drawers! LOL!

    It's not heavy or thick or anything. It's a little high fallootin' and he's one of those southern men that stand up to offer you his chair when you walk into a room (automatically, his Mama just raised him to do it). He's got those gorgeous manners that charms a girl to death.

    I also really, really love an Irish accent.

  2. Yes yes yes!! All the men you identified, I love their voices too. Yum. :P

  3. Double yum.

    I'm getting fangirlish just thinking about some of the guys you identified.

    A personal favorite, leaving aside those who are native English speakers (Scotch, Irish, English, Australian) is Italian-accented English. Rowr.

  4. Whwnever I think of John Hannah I think of the Mummy because I love that movie. I would add the classic James Earl Jones to my list of favorite voices. I also have to agree with light foreign or Creole accents, they are great.

  5. Oh, Stace, I love any and all accents. I blame it on being from the north where we got jipped when they were handed out. :p

    My absolutely fav is an Irish accent. I could listen to Colin Farrel and Bono read a physics report. I love listening to The Cranberries (one of my fav groups).
    I want to include Pierce Brosnan, too, but I'm not sure if he falls under a British accent or Irish. He's a mix of both which is quite sexy.

    I don't want to leave out Antonio Bandaras. He has that latin lover thing goin' on that sends shivers up and down my spine when he rolls his 'R's. :o)

  6. I love me some accent. Scot and Irish are my favorites. Although when I first heard Jamie Bamber from Battlestar Galactica with his real British accent, I thought I'd died. It is delicious.

  7. For all that he's a he-whore, I could sit and listen to Colin Farrell talk all day. LOL Also, that new guy from The Tudors? I saw him on The View the other day and his voice was so yummy! Clive Owens is another. Gerard Butler, too. Hmm, who else? I know there are others but I'm drawing a blank right now.

  8. Hmmmm...I'm gonna have to get back to ya on this one. I know that I do love accents, but don't know which ones or have examples. I'm going to have to ponder for a bit...

  9. MK: Your friend sounds hawt LOL

    Ames: good taste you have girl *g*

    Kate: I'm a fangirl too ;)

    Kris: I loved The Mummy too. Oh yeah, JEJ has a fabulous voice.

    Jules: yeah, even if CF is a tad skanky, I don't mind listening to him talk.

    Vivi: I'm going to have to check out Jamie boy.

    MAD: which Tudor dude? I'll have to check him out too...

    Jodi: s'okay - take a moment (or several) to savor the numerous sexy voices out there ;)

  10. Stacy~ This should take you right to his bio...his name is Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He's got a cute Irish accent.

  11. DH is Irish :)

    Sean Bean, Kiefer Sutherland, Love John Hannah :) Richard Harris, Richard Burton.

    Hate Dougray Scott in Desperate Housewives! He's from Kirkcaldy and sounds like he has a poker shoved... anyway.

    I love voices.

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