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Wednesday, April 04, 2007:
I've been tagged about my obsessions
The sweet and talented Samhaim author Kate Davies tagged me about obsessions - her ears must have been burning LOL. So here are some of mine, the ones that stand out the most:
1. Cleanliness. Okay, I'm not obsessive-compulsive about it, but since I deal with the public, I'm always conscious about myself and whether I have bad breath, for one thing. I like to drink chocolate milk in the morning (to get my calcium and chocolate fix) so before I start, I always make sure I have gum or mints if I don't get a chance to brush my teeth while at work. I think I'm obsessed with it because of other people's breath, whether from smoking, drinking coffee which actually smells kinda good, or eating onions (yuck!). The other thing I notice is when people don't shower that morning. It's something that can't be hidden by perfume or cologne. So if you shower the night before instead, believe me, a person can tell. It smells like onions or sweaty gym socks. Since I hate onions so much, it's a huge turn-off, one that others may not share, but it's why I always shower in the morning during the week without fail. Plus the idea of sleeping (and sweating) then dressing in clean clothes doesn't really make sense to me. Sorry to be so harsh, but when you deal with people, you learn a lot.
2. Reading books in order. I hate starting in the middle of a series. It totally spoils my mood and I can't enjoy the book/series. It's that whole anal thing again, I guess. I also wish publishing companies would do a better job of labeling books so that you knew it was part of a series, especially if it's a long series (i.e. Christine Feehan's Dark series).
3. Getting all the books in a series before reading them. Okay I don't do this will all series because that would just be insane, but I did do it after reading "Naked In Death" by JD Robb, then I HAD to go and get all the other books that were out at that time, which was about 12 books. An expensive obsession, let me tell ya.
4. Blogging. To my eternal shame, I am such a blog addict, always looking for new places to visit. Since I can't blog at work, I've come up with a schedule to check blogs, and here is a list of the ones I check in the morning before I got to work: Deadline Hellions, Plotmonkeys, Romancing the Blog, Romance by the Blog, Access Romance, Brava Authors, Sylvia Day, Alison Kent, Jill Shalvis, and if I get a chance, the Goddess blogs, Squawk Radio, Sybil's blog, Karen Scott's blog, and Dear Author, give or take a few more. Other blogs I frequent on a regular basis include HelenKay Dimon's, Vamps and Scamps, Shiloh Walker's, Kelley V's, and Sanctuary's Finest, with a bunch more that get a visit maybe once a week or once a month. Keep in mind that not all of these blogs update daily or even weekly, so it's not as insane as it least that's what I tend to believe. Hey, I don't watch t.v., so I need some kind of hobby!
5. Romance novels, generally. Those by Brockmann specifically. This is the one author whose books I will buy in HC on the day of release. I will actually go during work - at my lunch hour - and lose my coveted parking spot to get my hands on one of her books. Starting with the first SB I ever read, "Kiss and Tell", through the last one from her Troubleshooter series, I am completely hooked on her books and no one could ever convince me otherwise. I am a die-hard, rabid SB fangirl, and damn proud of it. (However in my obsessiveness, I don't require that all other readers adore her as I do. I am an equal opportunity fangirl, and believe to each their own). August 14th can't get here fast enough.....
I tag...Kelley V, Toni Anderson, and...anyone else who wants to play :)

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  1. Great list, Stacy! I'm sure you noticed the similarities in our lists -- series books in order, anyone? I read two of the Troubleshooters out of order, seriously regretted it, and have been a stickler ever since. :)

    Thanks for playing along!


  2. Ohh. This is a fun one. I'll post it in a couple days.

  3. I am with you about reading series in order. It also bugs me when my books on my shelf don't match up in a series. That is why I usually wait for paperback in a series to buy it so that they all match size wise on the shelf.

  4. Ah Stace. Clearly we were separated at birth.

    I'm completely the same about cleanliness. But my OCD extends to my office and my house too. I keep thinking, "What if someone comes over and sees what a slob I really am?!" LOL! I'm a dork.

    I also am a series in order girl. It kills me to think that something went on in another book that I missed. I'm the same way about buying TV shows on DVD, or now for download on my iPod. I can't just own the first two seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh no, I gotta own all seven seasons. All of Alias. All of Angel. All of SportsNight. All of Friends. The West Wing is the only exception, I only own the first two seasons, but that's mainly because most of the rest of them had bright spots, but none had the brilliance of those first two magical seasons. Ehem. OK, sorry, I'm OT.

    I mostly agree with you about Suz. I know and respect your deep and abiding love for her. I don't have any particular author I'm like that about. I did feel that way about JR Ward, but she kinda let me down with the last book, so my fangrrl temp has dropped a bit.

  5. I have way more obsessions than you do. I'm a freak about cleanliness, too. I can't stand it when I don't feel clean. lol

  6. I gotta tell you I am like that with a series too. I love having all of them becasue I get obsessed otherwise and stalk the bookstore until the next one comes out. I'll buy then wait to read them when I have the whole lot!
    LOL! I am glad I am not the only one out there doing that. it makes me feel less weird-ahahahaaa

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