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Thursday, March 29, 2007:
One of my favorite things.... the movie "French Kiss" (1995) starring Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline....

Plot Synopsis: Kate (Meg Ryan) and Charlie (Timothy Hutton) have a perfect life planned out before them: buying a house, marriage, kids, the whole works. Kate's fear of flying keeps her in Canada while Charlie goes to Paris for a medical convention. While there Charlie is smitten by the lovely Juliette (Susan Anbeh). He calls off the wedding with Kate and she nervously boards a plane to get him back. She ends up sitting next to the petty French thief Luc Teyssier (Kevin Kline). He hides a stolen necklace and smuggled grape vine in her bag to get it through customs. Her bag is stolen, the necklace is lost and Kate and Luc head to Cannes to find the necklace and get Charlie back. Along the way, Kate and Luc begin having feelings for each other which changes the course of their lives.
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Sounds a bit like a romance novel, huh? I LOVE this movie. It's not a classic, won't ever win any awards, it's a bit clunky and uneven in places, but it hits me right in the marshmellow fluff heart whenever I watch it. It's the one guilty pleasure that I never get tired of. No matter how many times I've seen it, I still get all melty - I mean, that kiss on the train alone is worth the entire movie. Plus, I like Meg Ryan, and Kevin Kline is a sexy bad boy Frenchman in this movie, so it works for me on a lot of levels. And seeing Jean Reno in a light-hearted role after his stint in "The Professional" is a lot of fun.
How much do I love this movie? Whenever I'm flipping channels and I come across it, that's it - I'm incommunicado for a couple hours. Okay, more like 1 1/2 hrs. I have the VHS and the DVD, so if I ever need a fix beyond cable, it's covered, baby. And I don't even bother fast-fowarding - I like to watch the whole damn thing, beginning to end. It totally works for me.
Do you have a guilty pleasure? And that would be???

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  1. Oh, I love it too! :o) I can't put my finger on why exactly...but it just makes me give a big happy sigh every time.

  2. It is a cute movie. I love romantic comedies. I can watch them all!!

  3. I really like this movie too. No, it is not the best movie out there, but it is fun and makes me smile.

  4. I like that movie too. :P My guilty pleasure is America's Next Top Model. I'm obsessed. :P

  5. I'm like that with the movie "Ladyhawke." Heh!

  6. Hmm…I love the movie Ever After. It’s a Cinderella story starring Drew Barrymore. It came out a few years ago. In the movie, Drew’s character is a pleasant whose father died when she was young. She now lives with her step-mother and step-sisters who treat her like crap, just like in the story. One day, she pretends to be of nobility in order to save a man’s life. During the process, she meets the prince who becomes enthralled with her. They follow in love and later he finds out she’s not who he thought she was, but in the end, they get their happily ever after and the step-mother and sisters get theirs. I love this movie. Currently, I only own it on VHS, but I plan to it get on DVD soon. I also use to love watching the movie Splash starring Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah; the movie where Hannah’s character is a mermaid who comes to land seeking Tom’s character. They fall in love of course. (I love mermaid stories!) LOL.

  7. Ihave never seen that movie, I must check it out. My guilty pleasures are 'Bones' and 'Pride and Prejudice', either version

  8. Err, that should be "peasant" not "pleasant". I always get that mixed up. LOL

  9. I love that movie, too. DH and I can often be heard telling the other, "You make my ass twitch." LOL It's an endearing phrase, doncha think?

    I also like Everafter. *sigh*

    But I don't have any movies I feel guilty for liking. LOL I guess I have no pride.

  10. I love love LOVE this movie!! Like Jenster - I often quote it too, except my favorite part is when Meg says "LAC-TOSE-INTOLERENT!!" after she eats all of that cheese on the train. Freakin' hi-lar-i-ous! I like to say it after I eat ice cream...or drink milk...or eat cheese...whatever! Ha!

    I also LOVE Ever After! How about the prince's cod piece - i'm just sayin'! LOL

  11. I am absolutely the same exact way about this movie. I watch it whenever it comes on. There is something about the way he holds her in that closing scene in the vinyard. Wow - gets me every time.

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