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Friday, March 09, 2007:
A little Friday inspiration...
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Fighting off a dang cold but seriously think I'm losing the battle since it's almost 2 am and I have to get up for work in way too few hours. Boy will my co-workers be loving me today...or not.
Finished "Lover Revealed" today but don't think I'm gonna post a review - I know there are already plenty of them out there anyway. It was good, though not as memorable as Z's story. So many unanswered questions, and I really wish we could have seen a bit more of the previous couples together, especially Z & Bella. There are brief moments, but not enough to satisfy me. Sigh. I can be such a demanding reader *g*
Any big plans for the weekend? I just want to go see a movie and hang with my girlfriends, maybe have some martinis and eat stuff that's really bad for me. The weather is finally(!) cooperating, so hopefully all the snow will be melted and spring can make a much needed appearance. I miss the smell of lilacs and the budding trees. It's my favorite time of year.
Well kiddies, I'm gonna try and get some sleep. Hope you all have a great Friday and an even better weekend :)

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  1. Awww, Stace, I'm sorry you're not feeling any better. Imagine how much better you'd be if you had him makin' your chicken soup and handing you kleenex?!?! Well, I know I'd feel better.

    Hope the weekend affords you the chance to relax and recuperate.

    Feel better Bella!

  2. I hope you get feelin' better, Stace.

  3. HOpe you feel better soon. I finsihed LR too. I loved it!! I'm soooo anxious for V's book I can hardly stand it.

  4. He's very handsome :)

    Hope the cold is better, and the spring is coming!!!

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