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Sunday, March 04, 2007:
Nickelback rocks the house!

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(Go here for a sample of Nickelback's latest album)

I hadn't been to a concert in ages; in fact looking back, it had to have at least been over 5 years ago, but when my friend Becky asked if I wanted to go see Nickelback here in Chicago on March 2nd, I didn't hesitate to say "hell yes!"
The main concern was making sure her sister got here from Wisconsin since she had the tickets. It's about a 4-hour drive, but the weather conditions left snowdrifts as high as the window of her car, so good thing she left home early, and didn't forget the tickets.
Parking for a concert is always a nightmare because you always have to pay too much money and it takes forever to get out of the parking lot. But Becky had a friend that lived not too far away from the Allstate Arena, so we parked in their yard and walked to the concert. It wasn't that bad, though it was snowing and really windy, but thoughts of the concert kept us energized.
We found our seats right away - damn, is it just me or are the seats getting smaller and smaller? I swear I barely fit in them, and while I've got a bootie, it's not the biggest on the planet. But the seats in front of us were empty, so we put our coats across them and got ready for a hell of a time. (Note: groupies are some of the scariest-looking people in the world. I saw lots of women who looked so injected with plastic and collagen they made Frankenstein look normal).
First up was Breaking Benjamin. I've heard of a few of their songs, but didn't really know the words. That was okay cuz they still sounded great. That's one of the risks about new bands - a lot of times they sound horrible when they play live, but these guys put on a decent show. They played about 7 songs, then gave it up to the second act.
I was much more family with Three Days Grace. Again, these guys sounded great, and amped up the energy level a bit more than BB. The lead singer definitely had charisma and I can see these guys going places.
About halfway through their set, the people who had the seats in front of us showed up. There were about 8-10 of them, all couples in their late 20's, late 30's who looked as excited to be there as a Stepford community. I kept wanting to tell them that they made a wrong turn on the way to their church social. No offense to people who go to church, but this group looked like they were they were there under duress.
But who cared about them when finally, FINALLY, with a loud explosion, shooting sparks and fire, Nickelback was rockin' the house!
OMG, did they put on such a fabulous show! Starting out with the contagious rock song "Animals", they had the whole place (minus the church group) up on their feet and having a blast. I loved every minute of it - the heat, the energy of the crowd, the efforts the band made to provide the audience with beer *g*. My throat hurt from screaming my head off in approval. And I didn't have one drop of alcohol - just running on adrenaline and awesome music. I highly, highly recommend you go if you get the chance. These guys were awesome, and I really want to go see them again, like now.
Are you a groupie?
Do you have a favorite band?
What's the best concert you've ever been to?

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  1. I'm so glad you had a great time. I hope this means you're feeling better!

    Groupie? Nope, not really. I love alot of different kinds of music, but I'm not a die hard fan of anyone. Used to be a big time Duran Duran fan, but that was when I was 12, and was positive I was going to marry John Taylor! LOL!

  2. Glad you had fun at the concert. I need to go to a concert. I haven't been forever either.

  3. Hi Stacy,
    I get a kick out of Nickelbacks' Animals song. My boys always played it loud and it's really got a catchy beat!
    I haven't been to too many but I loved Jethro Tull's "Passion Play" concert in the 70's. They had tons of special effects and Ian Anderson's quite a character along with being a great flutist.
    A few summers ago I saw a German band Chickeria at Milwaukee's Germanfest. They have a beautiful woman singer, Simone "Mony" with this fantastic voice...they do mostly covers but with their own twist Hey Baby, Alice, Caribbean Song along with some polkas. They definitely get the crowd going!

  4. MK: I'm not a groupie either, but I do love a good concert. LOL I remember wanting to marry Jon Bon Jovi. Coincidentally, his b-day was on March 2nd. 45 yrs old and still hot!

    Kelley: hey girl, you got a new house! I'd take that over a concert anyday. How's the writing coming along?

    Hey Laurie: that sounds like a cool experience - very different, but I like finding new stuff. Very cool.

  5. I love Nickelback!

  6. I love Nickelback :)
    I wish I was a groupie but too bloody shy!

    The best concern I've ever been to... was it U2 in the Skydome? Or Bruce Springsteen in Glasgow? I dunno :) they were both awesome :)

  7. Glad you had a good time. I love Three Days Grace and Nickleback. My son is uber-jealous and now I have to find out when they're going to be this way - except for I think they've already been this way. LOL

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