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Tuesday, February 27, 2007:
'nother drive-by post
Hey all, just popping in for a quick moment-o to observe:

  • Being sick is not fun. Shocker isn't it? I went home early yesterday - I NEVER go home sick. Guess I'm human after all. Bummer *g*
  • Having an unrequited crush sucks. Nothing more to say - it just does. And even in your 30's, you can still get 'em. Disgusting.
  • I'm going to go see Nickelback on Friday!!!! Woo hoo baby! Along with Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. Haven't been to a concert in ages. CANNOT WAIT.
  • Bath & Body Work's night-blooming jasmine body lotion rocks. I LOVE it. Can't get enough.
  • Hershey's Cacao Reserve milk chocolate is like heaven. Smooth, creamy chocolate. I bet the dark chocolate is pretty dang good, too.

That's about it. Enjoy the rest of your week :)

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  1. Aww, Stace, I'm sorry you're not feeling well. And having an unrequited crush, well, that's just the icing on the cake.

    Poooooooor baby! That's what my mom always says when I'm feeling ucky.

    Have some chocolate, hot tea and a nap. Maybe that'll help. If you lived closer, I'd run LR over to you (see how I managed to slip that in there?!?!).

    Big far-away smoochies!

  2. Stacy *hugs* from your Indy friend. Being sick and unrequited crushes suck...they suck, I tell you!

    My questions is this - Does Unrequited Crushee know that he has an Unrequited Crusher????

  3. Stacy,
    Hope you're feeling better, sweetie. Have fun at your concert - sounds like a great time! I'm going to see my long-time fav, Bob Seger, on March 10 - I'm so pumped!

  4. ((())) on feeling well and the crush. Fingers crossed you feel better tomorrow and the idiot wises up :)

    Nickelback!!!! Cool :D

  5. Sorry you've been feeling icky! Hope you're feeling great by the time Friday rolls around. I'm jealous. LOVE Nickleback!! I heard today The Fray and Okay Go is touring together this summer. I love them, too. :o)

    I'm ignoring any mention of chocolate because I started Weight Watchers today. You didn't say anything about chocolate, did you?

  6. MK: thanx, I'm feeling better. The crush thing is crazy, and (someday) I'll get over it LOL. Just a pain right now, ya know? And what a little tease you are - LR! Man, I wish I woulda thought to pre-order but I never thought I'd get it early.

    Jodi: yep, I'm pretty sure he does, but he's in a relationship which makes it complicated and a VERY BAD idea, so I have not and will not pursue it - I'd make a horrible scarlett woman LOL. Doesn't stop my heart from beating faster when I see him though, sigh...

    Laurie: thanx sweetie. I'm so excited! Jon Bon Jovi's b-day is tomorrow too. Now if he were in concert, oh yum.

    Toni: some things were meant to be unrequited. I'll get over it - just been a tough couple of days. I usually don't wallow, but being sick brought down my resistance LOL. And seeing Nickelback will go a long way towards helping me clear my head :)

    Jen: girl I wish I could post at your blog. Miss you, and thanx for stopping by. Oh, what's chocolate???

  7. Feel better. Sorry you're under the weather :(

    Have a great time at the concert, though!

  8. Hey Stacy!

    Are you feeling up to the concert tonight?? Hope so.

    BTW - I took off my word verification because so many people have been having trouble leaving comments. I'm hoping that will help.

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