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Monday, February 19, 2007:
Re-reads: a favorite pastime
I'm sure I've mentioned before that I am a huge re-reader. I love delving into a book that I know I love and getting caught up in that world again and again. It doesn't matter that I already know what happens because if I loved the book, I can get caught up in it just as easily as I did the first time. There is a magic to some books that allows the reader to enjoy them over and over again.
I know some people don't get this, even some authors, yet I would think that would be what every author strives for: a book that readers want to go back to and experience more than once. It's not an easy thing to accomplish, and finding books I want to re-read is getting harder and harder. So far I stick with some all-time favorites, like Judith McNaught and Suzanne Brockmann. I've added Julia Quinn and Linda Howard, Lori Foster's Bad Boys, some of the really hot and sexy Ellora's Cave books, and there's a smattering of random books thrown in as well.
Right now I'm on a Lisa Kleypas marathon. I've decided to re-read the Wallflower series (except for book 2). I just finished "Scandal In Spring" and loved it all over again.
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Now I know many readers didn't care for this one, but I am a sucker for the whole "still waters that run deep" hero. Strictly speaking of my books, I melt at the idea of a hero pining for the heroine, believing, with very good reason, that he is not good enough for her or that they can never be together. Why I like this is because it gives the heroine a chance to change his mind, and I like the idea of the heroine being proactive enough, and confident enough, to go after what she wants. Daisy Bowman is just such a heroine, and Matthew Swift certainly deserved her. He may have appeared practical and reserved, but with Daisy, he had no control over his feelings. She made him long for happiness, and he adored her just as she was. I also liked the fact that although Matthew believed they couldn't be together, he wasn't a martyr about it, but rather just trying to be practical about the whole situation. That was, until jealousy took over. Then Matthew couldn't help but follow his heart...and his hormones. Atta boy.
I think I am too much of an old-fashioned reader sometimes, and I'm bothered by some of the inevitable changes that have occurred in most of today's romances, whether they are contemps or historicals. Nowadays it seems that everything is laid out on the table: misunderstandings are easily solved, sex is immediate, and a declaration of love may or may not happen, but damn, let's have sex for the 452nd time. Sexual tension and emotional intensity seem to be a thing of the past. This is one reader who is a bit nostalgic for the good old days. It almost makes me miss the secret baby plots. Almost.
Now don't misunderstand: I love the hot stuff. A LOT. I don't have a problem admitting that I am all for the down and dirty sex scenes, as long as they are attached to a romance. In fact, I've discovered that there are certain books that I am hooked on that I never thought I'd go for. But a constant diet of non-stop sex in every chapter bores me to tears. Hence, I am happy enscounced in re-reader heaven with some books I know will pull me out of the de-sensitized rut I've been trapped in. Long live Lisa Kleypas!
Do you re-read?
Who's your favorite author(s) to re-read?
Do you think there's too much sex and not enough plot or not?
Next up....
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Isn't Sebastian just yummy?

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  1. Ladybug,

    You've just been tagged. You have to post 10 things no one knows about you and tag five other people. It's okay if you don't want to play.


  2. I love re-reading old faves! Sometimes that's all that will satisfy a reading craving, isn't it?

    My most common re-reads: SEP, Suz, Lisa K and Lynn Kurland.

    As far as sex vs plot, most of my must buys strike a good balance. I think it comes down to the writer's skill...if they know how to structure the book, everything fits, if not then everything is out of whack. Too much sex or not enough. ;-)

  3. I'm a huge rereader. That's why I never get rid of books. For most reread author - probably Linda Howard. For most reread book - I think that's probably One Summer by Karen Robards. I don't know how many times I've re(re)read it - probably about 15 X's by now. As for too much sex? Well - yes - if it's the main plot of the book. If the book is strong enough - then never can there be enough *g*. But oddly - I do have a tendancy to skip sex scenes quite a bit - but I do insist they be in my books though.

  4. Monica: LOL. You're the 2nd person to tag me so I guess I better hope to it. I'm just having trouble coming up with 10 things....but I may have done this already. I'll have to check the archives. I want "Obsession". Today I'm going to place a mondo order @ Amazon, I swear.

    C2: yep, there's nothing like a good re-read session to clear out the cobwebs and get you going. And I agree about the sex scenes - an author has to use skill to make them believable and part of the story. I just wish it didn't have to be such a rush sometimes, you know?

    Kristie: I adore Linda Howard, and I've read "One Summer" several times myself. In fact, I must find it again, now that you mention it. I think I have too many books....nah!

  5. Coming late to this one... I'm a huge re-reader. My most re-read book is probably a toss up between SE's England's Perfect Hero and LK's Worth Any Price.

    I do love a good sex scene *g*, but it really does enhance the book when it helps to move the plot along - whether by building trust, enhancing the relationship, or some other means.

    Hey, Stacy, I didn't realize you worked PT at B&N... I wonder if it was you I talked to when I was at B&N in Chicago a few weeks ago? I had a conv about Karen Rose's new book with the girl at the register when I checked out...

  6. Hey Lori, nope, not me. I don't work there anymore - I quit in Nov. I'll have to update LOL. I worked at the Arlington Hts store (for 4 yrs)

  7. I loved SIS and Matthew Swift myself. I love that kind of hero.

    I love rereading. I reread Lisa Kleypas, Loretta Chase, and JR Ward all the time.

    I like the gamut of sex in my books, from none to lots o'kinky stuff, as long as it's grounded by an interesting couple with a developing relationship. If I'm not interested in seeing where they're going, I'm not interested in their sex scenes.

  8. I am not a re-reader. I put the book on my shelf and there it stays as my little trophy of accomplishment. Incidentally, I rarely watch movies twice either...i'm weird like that.

    I liked SIS...I really did...for much the same reasons that you gave for liking it. There was a pureness to this story that you don't often get in a lot of romances.

    Most of the time, the stories I read have a good balance. However, I have read a few where it was just gratuitous sex and very little plot. That gets on my nerves too.

    I have also read books where I thought to myself "when the heck are they going to get it on?" Ha!

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