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Wednesday, February 21, 2007:
March issue of RT up for grabs
My impatience won out again and I bought RT before I got mine in the mail, so you guessed it: extra copy.
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To enter, just tell me your favorite name for a guy and favorite name for a girl. Nope, not pregnant, but I love names, am rather fascinated by them, and I'm curious to know what appeals to you.
Contest ends Saturday, February 24th at noon CST. Have fun :)

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  1. For some reason I have always like the names Will or Caleb for a boy and Grace or Callie for a girl. LOL...I have never put the names together before and just realized two of my fave names are Will and Grace (a show I didn't watch)...I am slow today...LOL.

  2. My favourite boy's name is Jack and for a girl I think Ava Rose is very sweet.

    And I soooo want to win this. It costs too much to get it shipped to me

  3. I love the name Sorcha for a girl and Niall for a boy.


  4. I really like Sophia for a girl and for a boy I like Kenyon.

  5. I've always liked the name Nathanial/Nathan for a boy. Probably would have named my son that if hubby hadn't read a book about an evil, demonic child named Nathanial. LOL

    As for a girl's name, I like Abigail.

    Those are just two of many names I like. :o)

  6. Nadine for a girl and Laurence for a boy.

  7. Anne for a girl. Love it since it was my late mother's name and Charles for a boy.

  8. Ruth for a girl and Kenneth for a boy.

  9. Anna for a girl and Ben for a boy.

  10. I don't know about a favorite name, but I really dislike the names Gena and Jill.

  11. My picks are Sara for a girl and Ryan for a boy.

  12. Boy's name is Allen and girl's name is Diane

  13. Jennifer Y: I love the name Caleb. It's not too unusual, but also not too common. Grace is a very pretty name.

    Maria: Jack is a cool name. And Ava Rose - I love that!

    Toni: very unusal names - I like that :) How is Niall pronounced?

    Kelley: Sophia is so musical. Kenyon? I just know it as Sherrilyn's surname, but as a first name, that's a great name.

    Jenster: I've always like Nathan/Nathaniel (and you-know-who has that first name LOL) One of my closest friends named her daughter Abigail. I wouldn't want to shorten it.

    Traveler: growing up a good friend of mine was a Nadine, but we called her Neener LOL. I do like Laurence better than Larry. Reminds me of Sir Olivier.

    Ellie: Anne - I adore Anne Shirley. Charles is such a rich-sounding name - I like it *g*

    Pearl: Ruth and Kenneth - very simple yet strong names. And not too common either. I love names that are easy to spell LOL

    Alissa: Anna sounds so lovely. And I love the name Ben, but not Benjamin. Don't ask me why, I don't know.

    Lobby: Gena & Jill huh? Well I'll cross them off my list cuz I don't want to give you nightmares.

    Maureen: Sara reminds me of syrup so it's a sweet-sounding name. Ryan is one of my favorite guy names.

    Sharon: Allen works well but not Al so muchy. Diane makes me think of the John Mellencamp song, which gets stuck in my head.

    Wow, I am loving the variety, and nothing weird or embarrassing. Very cool.

  14. Favorite Boy name is Kadin the name of my grandson
    and as for girls Angelina my youngest daughters name

  15. Liz: those are beautiful names. I love them. Thanx for sharing :)

  16. Miles Brandon and Kirsten Alexis. I was never lucky enough to have children, but that's what I was going to name them.

  17. My favorite girl name is Brooke and my favorite guy name is Seth.

    I love your site. I'm one of your plotmonkey friends and found it from there.

  18. Stacy-
    My hubby and I have had the name Kenyon picked out for our son since way before we even had our daughter!! We've both loved that name. One day I'll have a little Kenyon running around :)

  19. Moonmaiden: Miles sounds like a rich tycoon's name - very successful. And Kirstin Alexis is so pretty. I'm sorry you didn't get to use them for your own children, but I think those are wonderful names.

    Vicki: Hey Plotmonkey friend :) Brooke and Seth - I love those names because they are simple yet not common. More people should have those names.

    Kelley: How cool. Thanx for sharing - I love that both you and your dh love the name.

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