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Monday, March 05, 2007:
Aspiring writers: it's the Brava novella contest!

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The very cool Lori Foster started the contest as a way to open the door for those who had a passion for writing. Past winners include Sylvia Day, Erin McCarthy and MaryJanice Davidson. I am a huge fan of Brava, having most of the Bad Boy anthologies. They've introduced me to some fabulously talented authors. High quality stuff.
Now, the 5th Annual Brava Novella contest is looming on the horizon. So for all you aspiring writers out there, go forth and create!

Deadline: midnight central time Aug. 1, 2007 through midnight central time Sept. 30, 2007
Maximum length: 750 words
Theme: reunited lovers
Reward: entry read by Kensington Editorial Director Kate Duffy
Good Luck!

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  1. I saw this posted at myspace. I think its great!

  2. Good luck!!

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