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Sunday, April 01, 2007:
Most embarrassing foolin'
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I remember the first time I went to see "The Wedding Singer". I went with my friend Liz, who wanted to see it because she loved the 80's. I thought it would be a fun movie that would bring back lots of memories, and it did.
But the surprising thing about it, to my mortification, was that I developed a crazy crush on Adam Sandler! I'd seen some of his movies before, enjoyed watching him on "Saturday Night Live", but never gave him much thought...until this movie. Which prompted me to see it again. And again. And buy the DVD release.
The biggest draw was his character. So different from the goofy characters he played in "Billy Madison" or "Happy Gilmore", I found myself rather infatuated by his portrayal of wedding singer Robbie Hart, who's heart is broken when he is stood up at his wedding by his unfeeling fiancee.
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Robbie is not the typical leading man in a romantic comedy - he's kinda dorky, way too nice and rather sappy, a bit too passive, yet his vulnerability got to me and melted my impressionable little heart. It was a huge relief that Adam Sandler wasn't re-enacting the same character he has in so many of his other movies. I loved the softer side of Sandler LOL. And now I can't wait to see his latest movie, which is a huge departure for him: "Reign Over Me".
So who's your embarrassing crush?

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  1. Yes, but to truly embrace your crush on Adam Sandler, you have to have seen and appreciated his guest spots on The Cosby Show! LOL!

    I used to really love Duran Duran, and was going to marry John Taylor. Buuut, now, I prefer to obvious crushes. You know, the David Beckham's. I'll have to ponder on my embarrassing crush.

  2. This was a great movie and it is cool, because my hubby will watch it with me and likes it too. Always nice. I love the song he sings at the end it is the best. I miss 80s music, it was such fun.

  3. I love the 80s too, so I'm always watching this movie when it's on t.v. :P I'm a fan of Adam Sandler, but I don't have a crush on him. LOL

  4. MK: Oh I don't remember him on Cosby. But I have a truly horrible memory. Yeah, I loved JT too. Have you see him lately? Yow.

    Kris: It is a fun movie, and I like that song too. But I only miss some things about the 80's.

    Ames: I only have a crush on him in this movie. Not CLick, or Anger Management, or the one with Winona Ryder. Just Wedding Singer. It's weird.

  5. Yeah, I loved JT too. Have you see him lately? Yow.

    Oh yeah. All that hard livin' in the 80s has definitely caught up with him. LOL! Of course he never did drugs!!!!

  6. Yea, some things in the 80s need to stay there ;)

  7. LOL--Duran Duran were from just down the road from me. And Tapow (sp?) were just down the road in the other direction. God you're bringing back memories, but nothing as bad as a crush on Adam LOL. Stacy, he is cute but good luck with that ;)

  8. I love The Wedding Singer. Very cute movie and I really want to see his new one. I think it looks really good.

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