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Tuesday, April 10, 2007:
Contests out in the blogosphere....
There are quite a few fun blog things and contests out there, so I thought I'd highlight a few of them. There's:
Collette Gale's erotic take on "The Phantom of the Opera" is called "Unmasqued". She is giving away some ARCs. Just enter the contest by Thursday morning by going here.
Win a copy of Meljean Brook's "Demon Angel" by visiting her blog and commenting. Contest ends April 15th, so don't miss out. Go here for more information....
Blogger Ames is giving away some books, and she still has a few left. To see if there's anything left over that you'd like to get, go visit the dear girl here.
Alyssa has a cool contest running for a copy of Sasha White's "Lush", which I myself have read and enjoyed, so get your hands on a copy today. You have until April 15th to enter Alyssa's contest right
And I cannot forget that the incomparable Mailyn (sorry Mailyn!) has a contest running over at Twisted Kingdom that ends April 15th as well. In honor of TK's re-birth, there is a contest going on. For more deets, go here.
Okay that ought to keep you somewhat busy. Don't forget to drop in and say "hi" to me LOL.

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  1. Don't forget the contest over at Twisted Kingdom!

  2. Hi Stacy ;)

  3. Hi Stacy!

    Just wanted to let you know (and in case my e-mail is caught by spam) that you won a copy of Demon Angel!

    Meljean :)

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