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Monday, April 09, 2007:
How 'bout a little romance with your hockey?
Came across this today:

Hockey in romance books scores

ITHACA, N.Y., Apr 9, 2007 (UPI via COMTEX) -- Check this: Fans across North America are getting revved up not just for the Stanley Cup but also a crop of romance novels with hockey as a backdrop.
Knights in shining armor set in days of yore are getting forechecked by a new breed of woo pitchers wearing jerseys.
"I wanted a great leader -- good-looking, driven and passionate," said Deirdre Martin, the Ithaca, N.Y., writer who modeled parts of her "Body Check" leading man after Rangers' great Mark Messier.
Sue Grimshaw, a romance buyer for Borders bookstores, said the sub-genre is a hit. "Hockey players are alpha males, and for romance readers, they're good characters for the story," she told the New York Post.
Rachel Gibson, whose "See Jane Score" reached the 2003 Romance Writers of America Top 10, said she knew it would be a hard sell but she went for it anyway.
"The appeal of hockey is it's not politically correct," she said in the newspaper article. "They hit each other. They knock each other out. It's testosterone driven."
And the NHL couldn't be more pleased. NHL spokeswoman Bernadette Mansur told the Post, "We're thrilled. Given the handsome players and their good character, it's not surprising."
No, it's not surprising. Missing teeth and crooked noses aside, the arrogance, competitiveness and physical endurance and aggressiveness of a hockey player (any sports figure, really) fits perfectly with the alpha males that I love so much, and I am glad to see that it's being acknowledged. Yet aren't they a little late to the party? Come on, some of us have known this for years already.
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Mark Messier
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the story inspired by Mark Messier
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"See Jane Score" is one of my all-time favorite romances, and definitely my favorite by Rachel Gibson. I think we all wanted to see that horseshoe tattoo. That was totally, totally hot.
Do you like sports heroes?
Which book would be a favorite?

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  1. Mmm, See Jane Score. It's also one of my favorites and has a proud spot on my keeper shelf. You're right Stace, the Lucky tattoo is incredibly memorable!

    I adore professional athlete stories. I love SEP's Chicago Stars novels too. Don't know what it is about athletes, but I love them!

  2. I love See Jane Score. I also really like Deidre Martin's hockey series. They're fun books. Not really into hockey except in books. There I love a good hockey hero!

  3. Oh Stacy, I LOVE hockey stories - SEE JANE SCORE is one of my all-time favorites too! And yes, Mark Messier is positively gorgeous! Hockey is my favorite sport and is very popular with my family - too bad our Bluejackets had such a sucky season :(
    Great blog subject!

  4. I haven't read See Jane Score--must track it down. I like SEP's NFL guys, and I love hockey players on general principle, my DH was into rugby. Now that is a rough sport too. Yikes.

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