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Monday, June 19, 2006:
"The Lake House" (2006) - a movie review
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Dr. Kate Forster (Sandra Bullock) abandons her peaceful lakeside dwelling to work in a Chicago emergency room. To her surprise, when checking in on her old home, an unusual lakeside house, she begins exchanging love letters with its newest resident, Alex Burnham (Keanu Reeves) a frustrated architect. When they discover they're actually living two years apart, they must try to solve the mystery behind their unique romance before they miss their chance at love.
It's been awhile since I've done a movie review, but then again, it's been awhile since I've been to the movies. I went and saw "The Lake House" yesterday with my friend Liz, who did not like it. But then again, she liked "Anaconda", so in my mind, her taste is questionable *g*
I, however, loved this movie. I'll admit that I went into it with low expectations for a few reasons. 1). I was concerned this would be some type of rip-off of "Speed", despite there being no bus in sight. Well, actually there is one, but it plays a bit part, so that blew that theory out of the water, and 2). I was also worried that this would be the 2006 version of "Ghost". I loved both those movies, but did not want to see them re-made into "The Lake House". No, in my mind, this movie stands alone.
Why did I enjoy this film so much? Because it wasn't overly sentimental, and it wasn't about find the perfect person, no matter what. It was about finding the one for you, but not giving up your life waiting for that person to show up. Through the course of this unusual romance, Kate continued to be a doctor. Throughout the course of the movie, she lived her life, hoping someday to meet Alex, yet reaching a point where she realized that it might never happen. In fact at one point, that seems almost a given. As for Alex, he had unresolved issues in his own life, mostly in regards to his father and their troubled relationship.
Another plus is that there are two very likable actors playing the parts of the main characters. Sandra Bullock, whom I've adored since "Speed", and I've been a fan of Keanu since he appeared in the 1986 t.v. movie "Young Again". Sandra has the cutest hairstyle (that's so important, you know), and her personality just draws you in. When she smiles, the whole world lights up, and her vulnerability in the role is genuine - you feel her pain when there is loss. You also know that when she allows her character to open up, it's because she truly starts to care for this man who lives two years in the past, which is very bittersweet because you're not sure how it's going to end. As for Keanu, he is less reserved in this movie, and seems more comfortable in his own skin. When his character finally falls in love, you feel it, and you know it's not something he does easily. The two together are completely engaging, especially in their scenes together, and both make this unlikely storyline seem completely believable.
Just look at this picture: don't they just look perfect together? Well, I think they do....
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I think some people will not like this movie because their logical side will get in the way. They will start thinking about times and dates and probability and think "why bother with the whole thing to begin with?" but that's one of the reasons I love the movie. It wasn't about logic or reality or anything really tangible, but that's how love works - it's not something you can fix with your hands or calculate in your head. It just is. Call me a sap - I will bear the title with pride.
So...what are some of the highlights from the movie? The ones that I remember most are those scenes when Kate and Alex actually shared moments in each other's presence. You see, by the time Kate and Alex start writing letters to each other, they actually have shared a few real memories where they touch. For instance, Kate has sent Alex to a location to find something she left behind, and in the process, he actually sees her, but doesn't realize it's really her, or doesn't react fast enough, because the train pulls away. From there, he attends a party - her birthday party to be exact - and they share a dance, which leads to a sweet, romantic kiss, made more poignant by the fact that Alex already knows who is he is holding in his arms. But he plays it cool, not wanting to alarm the woman whom he's been corresponding with, and the kiss happens naturally because even then, Kate senses the connection they share, and how he is so unlike Morgan, the man who she is dating at the time. Note: Morgan is actually a pretty decent guy, and really cares for Kate, though it's obvious he's not the man that understands her or "gets" her. Still, Kate has feelings for Morgan, and wants to make their relationship work.
And there's also the events that seem so unimportant or totally unrelated to their relationship that end up being much more significant to the plot. The one I'm thinking of I won't reveal here, but suffice it to say it plays a major role in their story. But I would advise not dwelling too much on it and instead just enjoy the movie. Suspend your belief a little bit, and let the romantic elements of the movie take over and (hopefully) capture your interest. I really hope you like it as much as I did. I will definitely be buying the DVD, which, these days, should be in a few weeks LOL.


  1. Stacy, I saw The Lake House this weekend too! I liked it. I saw that twist coming, but it didn't ruin the movie for me at all. I've been looking forward to this one since seeing the commercials. In general, I'm able to suspend disbelief for TV and movies. Heck that's why I enjoy them; to get away from real life:)

    I saw Cars last week, too, and it was great. Next up for me I think is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

  2. Hey, Stacy - I took a look at your blog the day after the get-together, but I was having that "squishy column" thing... I came back later and loved reading all your interesting wrap-ups! It was so much great to see you again, and I love how your blog always has fun stuff to look at and talk about!

    Can't wait to see this movie. I skipped the spoilers...

    There are several other on my list... too many movies, too little time!

    Janice :)

  3. So much great??? I sound like a foreign blogger! Ha! Just a bad typist. :)


  4. I really, really, want to see this movie!! I think it looks so good!

  5. I would really like to see this movie, but I think I will wait for it to come out on DVD. The price of the movies here is so much, that it makes it hard for me to justify it......At least with the DVD I can watch it a couple of times.........LOL

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