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Sunday, June 04, 2006:
Soooo, what's in your ipod/CD player?
I LOVE music. Can't get through the day without listening to something, even if it's just playing in the background. Music keeps me sane and can definitely put me in a good mood when I'm feeling a little out of it or weepy. If I could realize any dream, it would be do sing. Sadly, God did not bless with me the voice of an angel. Instead I am stuck with a whiny, off-key pitch that not even a mother could love. Still, I will sing my heart out in the car - fortunately I am usually alone and not intentionally torturing anyone. Never was one to sing in the shower, but behind the wheel, I am a true diva *g*

Lately I've been not paying much attention to music, but working at the bookstore has got me listening to some new stuff that I probably wouldn't have otherwise discovered. Two of my recent finds are:

KEANE: Hopes and Fears It's very catchy without being too perky or bubbly, which I like. I can't really think of too many artists to compare them to, but that's cuz I'm bad at that kind of thing. I guess...Wheat, and Fastball come to mind. And even the latest Coldplay a little bit. Check out there website here for more info.

THE FRAY: How to Save a Life. I have one of the songs "Over My Head (Cable Car)" on my blog cuz it's just so good. It's more intense, a bit emotional without being overly sappy and annoyng. Go here to check out their website.

I am so mainstream - you probably won't see me recommending cool, almost obscure music that I heard in a small club. My only semi-cool fact I can claim is that I used to work with one of the moms of a member of Alkaline Trio. I still see her from time to time. I told her she's my (small) brush with fame LOL.

Your turn: what gets you jazzed? Who would you recommend? What kind of music do you enjoy?


  1. My taste in music is somewhat eclectic. I go from heavy metal to country western. I also love show tunes and depending on my mood even Irish classic tunes.

  2. Stacy, I looove music as well. For a while, I was buying CDs like crazy, but now I tend to DL music more often from places like and Walmart:) I love singing in the car. It's my fave thing to do on road trips. My front passenger seat is constantly covered in CDs LOL!

    These days I tend to discover a lot of music via TV shows. That's how I discovered Keane. I've downloaded a few of their songs:) And I keep hearing it in the movie commercial for that Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves movie.

    I have really eclectic taste in music. I'm not much into country, heavy metal, or hard core rap, but I am pretty open minded. It is usually more about the song than the artist or even genre for me. I will say that I do love Disco LOL.

    I've found a LOT of new music via MySpace. Some is not to my liking, and some I looove! One of my faves that isn't all that widely known (well until the mess with his famous ex-wife) is Eric Benet. I looooove his music. He finally released a new CD just about a year ago after 6 years!

    I also like Seal a lot. I played a couple of his CDs on my drive down to SD yesterday when I couldn't reach my Eric Benet CD (it was in the back seat-- I moved it for someone to ride in the passenger seat.)

    Also, I've found I looove this new artist who found me on Myspace, Mateo ( ). He hasn't released his CD yet, but I am so in love with his song, Human. Myspace is great because you can listen to songs that the artist puts on their page:) Sometimes they even let you download them!

    Some others I've discovered more recently that I like are Amos Lee and Teddy Geiger. Ah, and I can't forget Travis, though they aren't such a new discovery:)

    I stop blabbering on now:|

  3. I havent really discovered anything new lately. I'm in a huge Kelly Clarkson faze. I dont know what it is about her music but I love it. My favorite song is one she does on her newest album called "Beautiful Disaster". Great song.

  4. Wow, great stuff. I haven't really checked out myspace. I think I signed up but I don't want to have 3 zillion blogs, so I'm just sticking with this one. But if I changed my mind, is it easy to use?

  5. I really like my myspace. I dont use my blog too much there. I use my blogspot one. But, it is very easy to use.

  6. My music interest is Country and I seldom venture from that. Almost all my CD's are of this venue.....and when I listen to the radio it is tuned to the FM Country Station........I buy as many new CD's as the budget will allow, and there are so many new ones that have come out lately......pretty much music, so little money.

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  8. Stacy, I'm like Kelley with MySpace. I don't use it for the blog. I use it to keep in touch with friends and now to discover new music! It's cool because I've even found some friends from my high school years.

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