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Tuesday, May 30, 2006:
We have a winner!

Hey everyone, I FINALLY got out of work and collected all the entries to select the winner of my contest for Erin McCarthy's book "Heiress for Hire". I was pleasantly surprised by the number of entries, and they were all correct! I know Erin appreciates the time each of you took to visit her cool website and research the answers. Hopefully if you aren't already familiar with her books, this little contest got you interested in reading more. I believe it is money, and time, well-spent.

Anyway, enough blabbing...I know you want to find out who won, right? I mean, that's really why you're here...not to see me - LOL. So enough about moi...drumroll please.....the winner of Erin's book is Jenny! ( Jenny, congratulations on winning such a fine prize, and everyone, thank you so much for entering the contest! I can't believe so many people came to my little ole blog LOL.

And to leave you hanging a bit, I will be having another contest in June, for much the same reason. I won a book I already had and had such fun with this contest, I decided to do it again. I won't tell which book, but I will tell you it's, um, a little dirty ;)

Adios amigas...until next time :)


  1. Congratulations Jenny on the being the winner, I am sure you will enjoy the book.

    Stacy I love to come to your blog it is so well done and interesting, I just don't post each time I am here. Hugs

  2. That's okay Cryna. It's a compliment to know you come here - thank you :)

  3. Congrats, Jenny. I hope you enjoy the book.

    Stacy, you said the next book is a little dirty. How dirty are you talking? I'm intrigued. *g*

  4. Congrats Jenny. You'll love this book. It was great.

  5. LOL Julie, you are just gonna have to wait to find out ;)

  6. Congrats, Jenny!

  7. Does bribery work? :o)

  8. Hmmmm,depends. Whatcha bringing to the table? *g*

  9. I was hoping for some suggestions.

  10. I can bake some mean cookies/ brownies/cakes. :o)

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