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Monday, May 29, 2006:
Gettin' ready for summer....
***Don't forget, my contest for Erin McCarthy's book ends tomorrow, and I will draw a winner tomorrow, probably late afternoon/evening, when I get home from work. Good luck!***

It's finally summer, and the temps are hitting the 90+ degree mark. It's also when I turn into a girly-girl, which is all relative because I'm still a tomboy at heart. But this time of year is when more skin is showing, and I enjoy being a female more than I do during the winter months. (Let's just say the winter months are more about loose, comfy clothes and less maintenance LOL)

So...what do I do to prepare for the long-anticipated shorts and sandals weather? Well, usually in March, I head to the tanning salon and start working on getting some color.
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I know, I know - it's bad for me. Don't yell at me because I do realize this, and I choose do go anyway. What can I say, I'm not always good at taking sound advice, and I am a huge fan of instant gratification. One of my many downfalls. As for the process, I'm not exactly pasty, but I do lose a lot of color over the winter months and try to get it back as quickly as I can. Taking only 10 to 30 minutes a visit is a great time saver. I've also heard a lot about this product

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from people who've tried it and swear by it. The trick is to be able to actually find any in the stores - it goes fast. In the past I've used sunless tanning lotions with disappointing results. I was a streaky, orange mess, and it was so not my color! But this stuff is great to even out my tan, and it comes in face tanner, which is great because my face does not tan - it burns. Don't ask me why - the rest of me tans - but that is all part of the mystery that is me.

Shaving/waxing is another necessary evil in the summertime, especially if you're wearing less clothing and especially if you are wearing a bathing suit. I won't spend too much time dwelling on this because I hate it, but it feels so good when the hair is gone. My skin feels so smooth and even glows a little with the tan I've acquired. Sometimes you have to do things you don't like to do to achieve the desire results....and this would definitely be one of those things because it requires more regular maintenance in the summer.

I love wearing tank tops in the summer, especially since I'm not extremely well-endowed, and the ones with the built-in shelf bra are so awesome. I swear everytime I go clothes shopping I buy another one.

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In no way do I look like this LOL. I love the colors they come in - pinks and reds are my favorite - and they go with everything. In the fall and winter, I will wear one under a blazer and not have to worry about a bra if I don't want to. It's a beautiful thing....

And of course another girly thing is nail polish. I recently let my nails grow out so I could put pretty polish on them. I've never had a manicure - don't ask me why because waiting for the color to dry, even the quick-finish stuff - is a total pain.

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I usually make a mess of it because I can't seem to sit still and not touch anything for more than two minutes, and believe me, I don't care what the bottle tells you, it takes more than 60 seconds for even the express finish color to dry completely.

And it's nice to set this all off with some finishing touches, say, a temporary tattoo or an ankle bracelet (love this flirty skirt)

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with some cute (and comfortable!)sandals. It's the finishing touches - and the necessary need to go shopping - that pull the look together. Today was one of those days that I spent finding some great buys and even a new look. I'm more about jean shorts than capris, but today I bought 2 pairs of capris, even one in green! They are so cute and comfy, and perfect for those cooler evenings. And they are also very popular these days.

Okay, so that's my summer ritual. Do you have anything to add? Favorite primping techniques? Hairstyles? Indulgences? Please, share with the group. And welcome to summer....


  1. Wow! I'm tired just reading all that you do Stacy! I am so not a girly girl. And I do some of what you describe year round (maybe because I live in Southern California lol). I hate to wear socks, so I'm in sandals if at all possible!

    I hate shaving any time of year-- probably because I have to do it so often. That's probably one of the biggest things I'd change about myself that's out of my control: be less hairy. If I had a lot of money, the first thing on my list would be to get laser hair removal!

    As for the tan, I don't know why, but any kind of "fake" (tanning salon or sunless tan lotion) tan just makes me feel like an imposter. I won't even lay outside with the sole purpose of tanning like my sister does. I feel like if I have a tan, it should be because I spend time outside doing something other than just laying there. Basically, I haven't had a really good tan since college when I was outside every day because of track practice lol. Even then, it took a while to get the tan because I always wore sunscreen.

    As for nail polish, I love it too! I agree that it takes a lot longer to dry than the bottle tells you. I can't sit still either so I always seem to mess up my nails:S Oh well...

  2. I don't have anything new to add . . . but boy do I hear you on the shaving ;)

  3. I didn't hear you mention lose the extra 25 lbs gained over the long winter months.

    I hate shaving. I haven't been brave enough to do the wax thing yet. I am intrigue by the fact it lasts longer than shaving, though. I'm just waiting for that special occasion in which I can justify doing it.

    I have a natural glow moisturizer. I don't remember which brand but it works well. I don't have streaks and it doesn't have that wonderful orange glow to it. I have been burned by self tanners before and was leary on this one but it is subtle. It gives just enough color that I don't look pastey. *g*

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  5. I am lucky enough not to have to shave my legs, Ever!! I just dont grow hair on my legs so I dont do that. I love having cute feet in the summer time. When I am wearing sandles and such. I just got a pedicure and painted my nails very girly!

  6. I say we beat Kelly up for having the audacity NOT to have any hair on her legs. LOLLOL I'm kidding--kinda :)

    Hey, Stacey!

    Dakota :)

  7. LOL, I am still not all that high-maintenance. It might sound like a lot, but I do like one or two of those things a day. Not all of them. Good grief, I'd have to get up at the crack of dawn...

    Julie, trying on clothes yesterday was so scary. It might not be 25 lbs, but I definitely need to slim down. Pathetic what eating junkfood and not exercising does to you...should be against the law.

    Um, No shaving????Everyone, don't you just want to push Kelley into a vat of mud right about now LOL. Just kidding Kelley - you know you're my bud. Just don't get too close...LOL.

    Hi Dakota. Thanx for visiting. Love your blog. Haven't started the book yet, but soon, like this week. Can't wait!

  8. I too am low maintenance but I hear you all on the weight thing. I tried on a pair of my white pants and decided if I wanted to breath normally I could not wear them. In truth I do not tan well, although in the past few years I have not burned, peeled and burned again like I have in the past.

  9. You know, when I was younger I used to be so jealous that all my friend got to shave and I didnt! I would shave even though I didnt need it because I heard if you shave the hair will grow back heavier! I was so silly! Now, I love it!
    Dont worry for wanting to get violent with me ladies, I get it all the time from my friends. LOL!

  10. You are one luckly girl when it comes to shaving, Kelley! If I could save the money from razors, shaving cream and the like, I could buy more books LOL!

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