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Sunday, May 21, 2006:
A few things about me....
Okay, you may or may not care, but here are a few things about me, one of those tag list meme thingies.

1). Was in the audience of the t.v. show "Love Connection" when I was 16. Yup, I got to vote! Chuck Woolery was very entertaining and looked even better in person. To a teenager, he was the quintessential attractive older man.

2). My family is from Finland and I was there for 10 days when I was 22 years old. It was beautiful, clean, and I felt a very strong connection and pride for my heritage. I still do - it's one of my favorite things.

3). Hate onions. Hate them. Evil. Onion rings remind me of circular tape worms - not that I know what tapeworms look like, but I'm sure they look like onions.

4). Never saw "E.T". Now I think watching it now, 20+ years later, might ruin it for me, so I will keep the idealistic classic in my imagination.

5). I'm afraid of flying. Kinda bizaare cuz I used to work for an airline and flew rather frequently, but there you have it. I have a few trips planned this year, so once again I am facing the fear, just haven't conquered it yet.

6). Reality t.v. bores me. Tnere's nothing more to say about it, except that I don't watch "Survivor" or "American Idol" or any of the other similar programming. And it's just because I don't watch much (any) t.v. either.

7) When I was about five, I was terrified of death. I wouldn't go to sleep at night because I was afraid of not waking up. My solution: go live with Santa Claus since he lives forever...

8) I wore glasses from ages 2 through 12. One day they gave me headaches, so eventually I stopped wearing them. Now I don't even wear contacts.

9). I failed my first driving test - the lady was beyond scary. Parallel parking was my downfall.

10) People like Lucy Monroe and Denise Agnew have visited by blog! This might be no big deal to the Jaynies or Karen Scotts of the world, but to me it's surreal, but in a very good way.

11). I had a rather crazy crush for Adam Sandler's character, Robbie Hart, in "The Wedding Singer". I wanted to be Julia (Drew Barrymore) so badly. You have to admit, he was rather appealing in this movie.

12). If I could be (or been) anyone, based on looks, I would choose Rita Hayworth. I think she was just beautiful. Maureen O'Hara would be my 2nd choice. I loved her in "The Black Swan" with Tyrone Power - I wanted to be her - LOL. I think I should have been a redhead *g*

Okay, so there you have it. Exciting huh? LOL. Yeah, well, not all of us can be glamorous and intriguing. But that's okay with me - I can definitely live with that....


  1. This is a great blog Stacy! I love learning more about you. There's a lot in that list I didn't know:)

  2. Scary, isn't it Michelle? *g*

  3. I enjoyed it too! It is nice to learn more about that people that I talk with online. I already feel as though we are friends, now I get to learn more about you!

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