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Thursday, June 01, 2006:
I could be Speed Racer....
Okay, sometimes (a lot?) you might come across some posts that are extremely boring because they are all about me. This is going to be one of them. Keep reading if you suffer from insomnia because I have the cure *g*

I am not a competitive person. It's just never been in me to work overly hard at something if someone else wants it more than I do. Have at it, I say. Competition, healthy or otherwise, doesn't get my blood pumping. To me, it's tedious and boring and not what I want to focus on. However....

...behind the wheel is a totally different story. I am a speed demon. Sometimes, I am one of those crazy, pyscho drivers that weave in and out of traffic that you almost wish would get a flat tire - just not in front of you...or am I the only one who wishes that? Anyway, I HATE being last when I am driving. In my old job, every once in awhile my department would meet early in the morning and have a staff meeting over breakfast at this really great restaurant. We'd all arrive in different cars, and once we left the restaurant, every fiber of my being was tensed and ready to race back to the office. Why, I don't know. There was no prize; it just meant I got to unlock the office. Whoopee. Get out the balloons.

Now, my commute is 4 miles. Just four, but in that short distance, I experience that phenomena known as road rage. My language goes south and so does my intellect. Everyone else out there is the enemy who can't move fast enough out of my way to suit me. It's insane really. The really amazing thing is that I've never been pulled over. (Okay, wait, that's not true. But it was because one of my lights was out, so that doesn't count). I think I might just have jinxed myself. All I know is that people who drive under the speed limit in good driving conditions should get a ticket. Okay, just kidding. Sort of.

Does anyone else have any quirk little stories or habits like that? Do you have to put your right shoe on before the left one? Is there a task at work that you insist only you can perform with any kind of efficiency? Do you take the train to avoid people like me? More important, would you call the cops if you saw me behind the wheel? And are you STILL awake? I'd see a doctor about that sleep problem you have...


  1. LOL, Stacy. My mother drives with me behind the wheel under extreme circumstances only (limb cut off, passed out cold...etc). I drive good but I can't drive the speed limit. 5-10 over the speed limit is more like it.

    I'm not a competitive person. I'm just impatient and people who don't know MY rules of the road, don't need to be on MY road at the same time. *g*

  2. LOL! You are too funny. It sounds like you drive like my hubby.

  3. You crack me up, Stacy! People who go under or just at the speed limit tend to make me nuts as well. And I, too, suffer from road rage periodically.

    I'm usually alone when driving, but I think I'd shock many of my friends if they rode with me. I tend to be ok, though, unless I'm tired, sleepy, or running later than I want to be (notice I didn't say late, cause I hate to be late.) I guess that's my quirk. If I have an appointment or have to be somewhere, I am usually really early because I try to leave time for major disasters. If it's somewhere I don't want to be (working on homework lol), then I don't stress so much about being on time:P

    And I learned (well, heard really) something at an education conference this spring that has really made me think as I drive lately. I hope I can accurately explain it. It's called attribution. It was explained to me sorta like this:

    When you're driving along and someone cuts right in front of you, most of us automatically think (or even say), "What a jerk!" Some of us may say more extreme versions LOL!

    Now, most of us have had times we have been the person accidentally (or, yes, on purpose) cutting someone off. Sometimes you just don't see the car. We all make mistakes.

    But when we're the person being cut off, we all seem to attribute the incident to the person's poor character rather than assuming that there may be factors outside the person's control contributing to the incident.

    Of course there are people out there who are jerks, but it's interesting that we go down the nasty rode first rather than assuming it was a mistake...

    This has applications to education that I won't go into because boy, am I long-winded tonight. Sorry lol.

  4. Thanx guys for making me feel less neurotic - LOL. Julie, I completely agree with you about those rules. Like the ones who pass you up then cut in front of you, and slow down! WTF?! Anyway, that's one of my weird quirks.

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