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Thursday, June 22, 2006:
A Game of Pleasure - Barbara Satow
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I got the chance to meet Barbara 2 weekends ago in Ohio, and was the first person (but definitely not the last) to stand in line to buy her book. Barbara was sweet and gracious, and very happy to chat with readers and talk about writing and her love of books. I finally got a chance to read her book "A Game of Pleasure", published by Premium Press America, and just finished it last night. Here are my thoughts....
I thoroughly enjoyed this story, which could be categorized as a sweet historical romance if one were inclined to label it. Lord Castleton is recovering from a riding injury and is in pursuit of entertainment to amuse him while he heals. Enter Miss Portia Kirby, a 30-year-old spinster who has accepted her lot in life graciously, and who finds joy in truly getting to know the people she comes into contact with. Portia has put her dreams of a husband on the shelf long ago, and is rather confused by Castleton's attentions, but is soon reassured by his offer of friendship when he makes no further overtures to deepen their relationship.
David Carlisle, Lord Castleton, is intrigued by Portia, and underneath that eligible bachelor persona resides a compassionate and intelligent man who gradually begins to recognize many of Portia's promising qualities. She is honest and trustworthy, and extremely astute when it comes to understanding human nature. And then there is that elusive quality of beauty she possesses that gets stronger everytime he is with her. Soon David finds himself falling in love, and wanting to make the illuminating Miss Kirby his bride. Now all he has to do is convince Miss Kirby of that fact.
Portia knows her spinster status has limitations, and one of them wil be to go back to her old life once Lord Castleton has fulled recovered from his injury. Yet he stirs her soul, and becomes one of her greatest advocates in many matters. Falling in love with him would be foolish, but Portia begins to realize that she doesn't have much of a choice....
I truly, truly liked this book, and found it extremely refreshing amidst all the sultry, more erotic stories that have become so popular. The first few pages start out a little slow, but by the time Lord Castleton and Miss Kirby have acknowledged each other, my attention was captured. Portia is not a bold, eye-catching character, but she has a way about her that draws people to her just the same. She is empathetic to the troubles of others, and always works to sooth them away, but she is not a do-gooder or a doormat. Portia is someone you would want as one of your own friends. As for Lord Castleton, he is used to being in high demand, and is bemused by Portia's obvious lack of adoration, yet intrigued the more he gets to know her. His injury turns out to be a life-altering event that brings Portia into his world, a place he soon wishes to have her hold permanently. Their love story is peppered with admiration, friendship, and a few intoxicating kisses, but draws the line at further physical intimacy, and I found this strangely refreshing considering the wide acceptance of scenes that fling the bedroom door wide open for a to see. Instead the focus is put more on the characters and their interactions with each other.
All in all, a very satisfying book. I will be keeping my eyes open for Ms. Satow's next story.


  1. This book does sound intriguing, and one that I am seriously thinking of seeking out to read.

    Thanks Stacy for a great review and as always a job well done.

  2. Ohhh. Sounds like a good one.

  3. I hope you guys to pick it up and find it enjoyable. It's not a sexy book, but it's a wonderful read all the same. I might even be doing an interview with Barbara :)

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