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Saturday, March 25, 2006:
What once was lost can now be re-posted...
Due do some technical difficulties Jane had - no thanx to me and my crazy posting - there were some interviews that got lost in the transition. However, I realized much to my immense relief that I have a copy of those interviews saved in my drafts folder in my email - yay! So I will be re-posting them sometime either today or in the next few days, then I can concentrate on a contest idea I had. Hint: prizes will be involved.

FYI: the interviews that will be re-posted are for Janice Maynard, Lori Foster, and Susan Lyons. I plan on letting them know just in case they might have had a link to these interviews. I'm rather proud of them, plus each author gave such great answers, that I'd hate to lose them. Thank you for your understanding why I figure out my way in this crazy technical world....


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