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Sunday, March 12, 2006:
In the mood for something sweet....
The Kiss (Berkley Sensation)
The night before safe, play-by-the-rules Tess Sommerville gets married, she goes out for an evening with her best friend, where they run into Tess' old high school crush, Will Tremere.  As they share a dance, both wonder what might have been, but say their good-byes and go their separate ways.  After all, Tess takes her promises seriously, and though she's had some doubts, she couldn't possibly disappoint her father. 
But while Tess may keep her promises, she learns that her fiance' does not when she finds him messing around with another woman on the night before the wedding.  Devastated, all Tess can think about is getting as far away from the lying bastard that she planned to marry. 
Will is on his way back to California, bringing a friend's dog back with him, but stopped in the Chicago area to catch up with the family he stayed with many years ago when he was an exchange student from England.  While there he runs into Tess, whom he briefly remembers from high school, and whom he also discovers has blossomed into a lovely woman that makes his heart race.  But he realizes that he's too late when he finds out she's getting married. 
Yet fate has a way of changing plans when Tess asks if she can go with him on his roadtrip.  Suspecting something but too much of a gentleman to pry, he agrees, unwilling to turn away this chance to be with this sad beauty, even if it's only as a friend....
This is the first book I've read by author Elda Minger, and I thought it was an enjoyable, sweet read.  Will is the kind of hero we wish we all knew, though he be a little too perfect to hold your attention for long.  He's gorgeous, easy-going, and has a British accent, which I admit does nothing for me, but if I pictured him talking with a Scottish accent, then the picture totally worked for me. 
Also, I am a sucker for animals, especially dogs, and little Toby and her new friend Sugar will steal your heart with their antics and adoration for Tess.  It just goes to show you show much our pets enrich our lives, and help get us through some very difficult times.  I will never understand people who don't love pets.  It's almost like I can't really relate to people who don't like to read.  "Does not compute".
Anyway, if you're in the mood for a sweet, likeable story without a lot of angst, action, or violence, then this story will work for you.  Enjoy.


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