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Wednesday, March 08, 2006:
My Review of "Wild Ride" by LuAnn McLane
Wild Ride
Okay, I know everyone and their third cousin has a blog, and many of them review books, so mine is no more special to the world that the next one, but it's special to me, and so are the books I review.  LuAnn McLane is a sweet and talented lady, and I am privileged to have gotten to know her over the last year or so. 
Note: I will be posting an interview with LuAnn in the near future, so stay tuned!
Stacy ~

Indiana farmgirl Andi Cooper has seen it all in her career as a travel writer, and is known for her honest and straightforward opinions when it comes to her reviews. This time the presence of her company is requested specifically by WIld Ride Resort owner Oliver "Max" Maxwell. Andi is not too thrilled to be reviewing a place that in her mind is the equivalent of an eyesore, but the owner insisted and Andi is determined to do the best job she can, but she's going to be honest. No way is she going to give the place a 5-star review just because Max is a good-looking charmer....

Max loves his resort, loves fixing the roller coasters that he grew up with, and believes his resort offers something extra for adults beyond another amusement park. He truly believes Wild Ride is special, and he thinks once Andi Cooper gets to know the place more intimately, so will she. Max isn't prepared for their initial meeting, or for his reaction to the lovely and tempting Andi. But this is about business, and Max promised himself he would not interfere in order to win brownie points. But he's having a difficult time keeping his hands to himself...

"Hold On Tight"

Krista Ross is Max's right-hand woman, taking care of the all those big and rich details and setting up the entertainment for his resort. Hot country star Travis Mackey has requested to stay at the Wild Ride to relax before starting another grueling tour, and it's up to Krista to make sure Travis relaxes and enjoys his stay, no matter how high maintenance this former rodeo rider has become in his rising singing career. Professional and serious Krista grits her teeth and gets the job done while trying to ignore the charming and sexy cowboy, despite thinking that yeah, maybe he actually can sing....

Uptight entertainment coordinator Krista sets Travis' blood on fire, as much as he'd like it to be otherwise. This sexy no-nonsense blonde is determined to make his stay at the resort enjoyable, all in the name of business. But Travis is really tired of people sucking up to him, trying to impress him, and right now there's nothing he enjoys more than agitating this fiesty woman and getting under her skin, just like she's getting under his.....

"Worth the Wait"

Jenna Wagner has had a serious crush on Cole Forrester since she was a teenager, and those feelings have blossomed into love over the years. But Cole is a player, and Jenna is not willing to be another notch on his bedpost. Besides, he treats her like another sister. So when his real sister and new husband can't go to the Wild Ride resort for her honeymoon, Cole asks his friend Jenna if she'd like to go in their place, each paying for half the price and enjoying the amusement park, even going their separate ways if that's what they choose to do.

Cole knows Jenna's thinks he's a player, and it's his own darn fault. But recently Cole's feelings have started to change, and a lot of that has to do with his friendship with Jenna. She has become more important to him than he even realized, and now all he wants is a chance to prove his feelings are real, and forever. Taking her to the resort is his way of being alone with her, and showing her exactly how he feels. Turns out that his little school teacher might have a little bit of a wild streak in her after all.....

One of the aspects I love about LuAnn's stories is the colorful dashes of humor she sprinkles throughout her stories that mix really well with the charming small-town feel of the characters. It's refreshing to read about people that lead glamourous lives but are not so worldly and jaded that they take their pleasure carelessly and often. I also enjoy LuAnn's stories because they are romantic, and intimate, not just cookie-cutter versions of today's more erotic stories, which I actually happen to love, but feel the need for a more traditional, satisfying romance. She creates likeable, charming characters that readers immediately care about, and reaching the happily-ever-after is definitely worth the ride. I continue to look forward to future stories by one of my favorite authors.


  1. What a totally fun interview! Thanks Stacy and LuAnn for making it happen. I really enjoyed reading it. :)


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