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Thursday, February 16, 2006:
An Interview with the Devil (aka BadBarb)
(Looks like she's thinking of new ways to torture people.....)
Okay, we all know her.  BadBarb.  The name strikes fear into the hearts of many authors, and even some readers. 
The thought of a dark, dank and dreary closet with nothing but 1/2 an energy bar (if you're lucky!) and a weak sliver of light as one slaves over a manual typewriter is enough to make the steeliest backbone melt. 
Trapped for weeks, sometimes months on end, with round-the-clock creepy-looking guards -  
- and Barb clones -
- it's an existence one wishes never to experience....
Now, in her first blog interview, we learn about the, mastermind behind.... the Closet. 
SA: BadBarb.  You are infamous in the writing community, even having been quoted by RT magazine.  What would you say is the secret to your success?
BadBarb: I really don't know.  I am still surprised when I get quoted.
SA: Give us a little history, if you will.  Where did the name "BadBarb" come from and is that person still with us?
BadBarb: Yes, the nice lady who gave me the nickname Bad Barb was none other then Stella Cameron.  Before I got into the review stuff and joined with Writerspace,  my friend Janey (better known as Imp) and I were arguing over who would win a prize Diana Palmer was giving away at the time. We kept saying what we would do, and I forget what I said but Stella said I was bad, just plain Bad Barb and the name stuck. :)  I have since tried to live up to it. :)
SA: Who are some of the illustrious authors that have spent time in your dungeon?  What exactly do you think you've accomplished by keeping them deprived of the necessities to survive?
BadBarb: Let's see. Stella Cameron, Lori Foster, Dianne Castell, Lucy Monroe, Christine Feehan, Angela Knight, Kate Douglas, Tori Carrington, Leslie Kelly, Julie Elizabeth Leto, Carly Phillips, Janelle Denison, Ronda Thompson just to name a few. :)  As for my accomplishments, Lori hit #16 on Ny Times list just as an example. :)
SA: Who do you currently have your sights set on to add to your collection?
BadBarb: Dakota Cassidy, Isabella Jordan, Eve Vaughn, Lauren Dane   (SA: Run, ladies, run!)
SA: What are you most proud of?  What are your goals for the future?
BadBarb: I think I am proud that I am able to get for the most part who I want to review. There are a few people I haven't yet, mainly Carole Mortimer and Miranda Lee who write Harlequin Presents and of course I would LOVE to review Linda Howard.
SA: You've had others (namely MaryF and Tee) try to foil you at every turn.   Do you find them a challenge and that is why they haven't ended up in the closet, or are they too strong to turn to the darkside? 
BadBarb: It is sort of a cat and mouse thing. :) I have plans for those two and whoever else tries to help.
SA: Which hotties have spent time in your closet, and why?  What kind of hottie does it take to melt the heart of a soldier?
BadBarb: Lets see,  in my closet I have Father Cyrus, Alec Sharpe, (note: her first "harem occupant"), Anton Cheval,  Mr Smith (from Diana Palmer's True Colors), Frankie from Julie Letos' Marisela series, Jake Porter the hero in Sofie Metropolis, just to name a few. :)
SA: Speaking of which: Clay Aiken.  Such goodness and light in the face of darkness.  What is the attraction and have you ever met him in person?  What would you say/have you said to such a pure soul?
BadBarb: Clay is just an amazing  performer.  I have never met him in person, but I have gotten as close as his bus. hehe  I don't know what I would say to him yet though. hehe
SAARCs!!!!  ARCs, ARC's and more ARC's.  How do you manage to obtain so many and what is it with you and sharing, anyway?????
BadBarb: I am on a few reviewers lists, including Berkley, Changeling Press, Loose Id and a lot of authors. :)  ///achooo Sharing is ok for french fries, cookies but Arcs heck no.
SA: The Tease.  The Torture.  The sly little digs.  These are the areas in which you exceed and go right to the top of the class.  How would you advise others to sling arrows with such precison and skill?  (okay, enquiring, and envious, minds want to know)
BadBarb: Just say enough to whet the appetite without giving too much away. Like for instance, in Lucy Monroe's AND ABLE,  the scene in the hot tub will have you not only reaching for ice cubes and standing outside without a coat in the middle of winter, but have you squirming too.
(Note: If anyone was ever unsure of how Barb came across her name, I think that question has just been answered)
SA: Um, do you sleep?
BadBarb: Yeah :)
SA: Just what is it with you and Pepsi anyway, and why do you hate coconut?
BadBarb: I have been drinking pepsi since I was a kid, nothing like the fizz and taste of an ice cold pepsi.  (SA: Unless it's the taste of COKE!)  Coconut is just plain gross.
SA: Let's backtrack a little bit.  Share.  Oh, bless you. Here's a Kleenex.  SHARE.  Bless you!  Boy, you really are allergic to that word!
(Note: if there is one thing you know about Barb, it's her inability, or unwillingness to share.)
SA: Barb, any parting shots, er, words of wisdom?
BadBarb: Hmmm, I have had lots of fun so far and plan on more fun.
SA: Well, this has truly been enlightening.  Thank you for your time, and can't wait to see ya in June
BadBarb: I can't wait for June either, I am getting a new pair of devil horns. Just waiting for the place I want to order it from have it available. :)
Soooo, there you have it folks, from the devil, um, source, herself.  Thanx Barb, for being such a great sport and letting me interrogate you (at the risk of getting my own closet) and for sharing your inner thoughts with us.  You are truly and original, and it's been very enlightening.   Here's hoping you all sleep well tonight......


  1. Great interview Stacy. Very entertaining and enlightening. I think readers will really like this entry. Great job.

  2. That was GREAT! I laughed at quite a few answers (and questions too)!


    Hey Barb, I'm sitting looking at the latest Miranda Lee right now *g*

  4. This was a great interview and a fun one to read, thanks Stacy for doing it.

  5. Great interview, Stacy! BadBarb, you totally live up to your name. :)

  6. OH Stacy and Barb, what fun ;-) I loved the little icons.

  7. Thanx guys! As long as Barb's okay with it and you guys enjoyed it, then my work here is done - lol.

    Did you click on the words "devil horns"?

  8. I'm trying to figure out how you managed to keep Barb so civilized? Excellent interview, even if she does keep trying to take Anton away from me! You really do have to watch that girl. Her closet is cold and dark and the food service sucks.

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