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Sunday, February 12, 2006:
My review: "Jude's Law" by Lori Foster
Jude's Law (Zebra Contemporary Romance)
Lori Foster tells wonderfully heartwarming and sexy stories rich with earthy alpha heroes and the strong, tenderhearted women that love them. Another of Foster's trademarks is the emphasis on the importance of family, no matter how nconventional that family may be. It is one of my favorite things about her stories. "Jude's Law" is no exception.
Former SBC fighter and famous actor Jude Jamison now resides in Stillbrook, Ohio, where he's found a woman who he can't get out of his mind. May Price is that woman. She drives him crazy - with lust. But she refuses to have anything to do with him. Jude is frustrated by May's rejection. He can't figure it out - is it because of his scandalous past? His Hollywood lifestyle and all the photographers that follow him around? He doesn't think he can stand it anymore. How can she really believe they're just friends when all he can think about is her ample curves and taking her to bed?
May has a lot on her plate with owning her own art gallery and taking care of the family that doesn't appreciate her like they should. She can't believe that anyone as sexy and as famous as Jude could be interested in someone like her, but that doesn't mean she's not interested. In fact, May is very attracted to Jude, but knows that she cannot let her heart be broken. So she rejects his advances. Repeatedly. Then something happens that May knows she can't handle on her own, so she turns to the one person who can help: Jude. As upset as he is by May's rejection, he can't force himself to turn her away when she comes to him for help. He adores her soft brown eyes, her lush and full figure, her honesty, the way she really sees him, not the movie star. Circumstances have May moving into Jude's fortress of a house, where they able to learn more about each other and the threat that has put them all in danger. Dealing with the threat together, and letting each other see how they truly are opens their eyes and their hearts as they fall in love and realize that they can have a future together - one filled with love, laughter, and family.
Despite Jude's rather unique occupation, this story is written in such a way that you will totally believe a movie star can fall in love with a small-town woman with a generous heart. Jude may be gorgeous, but he has honor, discipline, and loyalty to those he cares about. May is a full-figured woman who doesn't apologize for her appearance - she's not willing to sacrifice her pleasures so she can look like a walking skeleton. In this day and age where younger women are getting smaller and smaller, it's a welcome and much needed change to find a positive role model for women. I applaud Lori Foster's portrayal of May and am glad she didn't turn her into a shrinking violet, but instead shows us how strong and resilient and caring she truly is, and how she embraces her sexuality when she and Jude finally do give into their mutual attraction. Their love scenes are very hot and sensuous, and the intimacy they share brings them closer together emotionally, which makes it an even sexier read. Despite the current erotica trends in publishing today, Lori Foster knows that nothing is hotter than romance in a relationship, and she excels at it.
One of many highlights in this story is the acerbic and hilarious character of Denny, a former SBC trainer and Jude's employee. Then there's the hint we see of the future romance for May's best friend Ashley and a a tantalizing mystery that is bound to affect the people in Stillbrook. You will just have to read "Jude's Law" to see what that might be. Lori breaks a lot of stereotypes in this book, such as those about fighters, actors, weight, and family. It is a refreshing story that you will want to read again and again.


  1. thanks for an insight into a writer whom you admire. maybe i'll pick up one of her books one of these days..:)

    hi from michele.

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