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Friday, March 03, 2006:
An author with Some Imagination
I'll admit that I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to what I read.  Of course there are certain topics/storylines that drive me nuts, but overall, I just enjoy the process of losing myself in a good story.  Sometimes though, I wish there was a little more imagination out there.  A little more originality.  What I really want is an author who comes up with a concept that's been used before and makes it fresh, exciting, bold.  Someone who stands out, and consistently tells amazing stories.  I've recently found one that fits that description, and I'd like to share. 
Shiloh Walker writes stories like that.  Now let me warn you, her stories fall under the category of "blazing hot".  They are erotic, they are sexually explicit, they are very intense, but they are also fabulous. 
The Hunters: Interlude
There are so many different elements to her stories, and Shiloh likes to break the rules.  I think that is one of the reasons I admire her writing so much; she's not afraid to push the envelope and create stories outside the box.  The covers that I have here are from her Hunters series, which I end up re-reading everytime a new book comes out so I don't miss anything.  They are currently my favorites, but there are many other stories to choose from as well.  The thing about the Hunters series is that it's not just about vampires.  There are werewolves and witches, magick and power, love and sex, life and death, not to mention a few surprises thrown in.    
  The Hunters: Ben and Shadoe
So if you are a fearless reader, someone who loves a sexy story that could melt the glaciers and make you blush, check out the books by Shiloh Walker.  She has something for everyone - not just fantasy and paranormal, but you'll even find contemporaries in her completed works.  I look forward to finding out where her imagination leads us next.....


  1. I have to agree - I reread the Hunters series periodically and I think Shiloh Walker is a terrific author with a wonderful imagination!

  2. I recently re-read them as well - I love to re-read some favorites, and what I especially enjoy about SW is that with other EC books (not all but some) the concentration is so much on hot and explicit sex, which is fine, but it gets really boring without a plot. Shiloh gives us the hot sex and the plot, and has readers asking for more.

    Thanx for sharing your thoughts.

  3. awwww.... *blush*.... thank you~

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