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Sunday, February 26, 2006:
My review of "I Love You to Death" by Amy Garvey
I Love You to Death
"My Love Life is Killing Me"
Recently divorced, Alex Ramsay reluctantly goes out to meet Matt Crawford, a blind date set up by a well-meaning friend. After sitting at his table for a few moments, Alex is instantly smitten, only to discover he's not Matt after all, but instead P.I. John Tanner. Matt turns up dead, Tanner's investigating, and Alex is falling in love. Who knew death could be so romantic?

"Dial M for Mortified"
Darcy Bennett needed a plan to get her struggling coffee shop in the black, so she decided to host a "blind date" night in the hopes of drawing in new business. The event turns out better than she imagined, especially when sexy reporter Noah Gleason seems interested in getting to know her better. Things are going smoothly until a dead body shows up, leaving Darcy to wonder if Noah is hanging around to be with her, or to find "the next big story"....

"Dead Men Don't Write Checks"
Franny Gabriel hates change. It just really bothers her that pieces of history are demolished in order to make way for the new. She's decided to fight back, in a truly civilized and dignified fashion - as the blind date of her adversary. Only Franny doesn't expect to like Theo Landry as much as she does. He's a good guy, who happens to be absolutely gorgeous - what woman in their right mind can think about history while being kissed senseless in the present? The only thing to ruin her mood is a little murder.....

If I have one complaint about these stories, it's that they are too short! Amy Garvey has written three novellas proving that not all blind dates have to end in disaster. Instead, they can be sweet and sexy encounters that lead to something longer lasting. Amy's characters are endearing, and you will surely find yourself with a smile on your face as these couples try to deal with feelings of forever while still on their first date. While the general overall feeling is light-hearted, it doesn't make the love scenes any less heated. In fact, you may need to turn on the a/c for some of them. I would definitely read another book by this author.


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