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Friday, March 17, 2006:
New author alert!
The lovely Julia Freemont, destitute and disgraced after her father gambled away the family fortune and ended his own life, would rather be a wealthy man's mistress than live in poverty.  Rich and handsome Brandon Barringer has long admired Julia from afar, but she never gave him the time of day as long as she was riding high on the tides of the upper class.
Now the tables have turned, and Julia has approached Brandon to ask for his help - in return for her personal favors.  Brandon agrees, but one condition: He will teach her to fully appreciate the subtleties of the senses, before they embark into carnal satisfaction.
Currently, you can find this book at any CVS Pharmacy (which is where I got mine). 
For more information, check out Eddie's website at


  1. You're so funny! I love to get books at the pharmacy. A couple days ago, I bought "Three Little Secrets" by Liz Carlyle, a fave of mine. And, I love to try new authors, too. Thanks!

  2. At Walgreens, I bought it at Walgreens. And my husband was all like, OMG, you actually bought a book. What is this world coming to? And I was all like, I love her and had to get it now. The downside of free books is that you don't get all the ones you really want. Which is good, cause then I get to try new ones. Yikes. Could I blather on any more than this?

  3. Michelle, you are delightful! LOL. I can so relate to the way you think :)

    Actually, Eddie is someone I met last summer at Lori Foster's get-together. I knew she was an aspiring author but had no idea she was that close to being published. She's a really good friend of Erin McCarthy, a writer I just adore. They are both so nice. Gosh, it's truly a love-fest, isn't it?

  4. I can't wait to read Eddie's book. She was so funny last year. You are doing good things here Stacy

  5. Thanx Judy - I feel like a do-gooder LOL.

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