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Wednesday, October 06, 2010:
Book alert: A Taste of Desire by Beverley Kendall
Thomas Armstrong vows only the loss of his faculties could ever convince him to take Amelia Bertram under his care during her father’s absence from England. Sadly, that loss does occur… the moment Lady Amelia publicly states that rumors of his exalted sexual prowess are more fable than fact. Responding like any man with an ounce of pride would, he picks up the gauntlet she throws down on the ballroom floor.

When Amelia’s last failed elopement attempt has her sharing a roof with the very man who took her place in her father’s affections, she is determined to escape her prison to marry a man of her choosing. But, what she discovers in the seclusion of the viscount’s country estate is the ton’s ‘golden Greek god’ is more than the sum of rumor and innuendo, and under their mutual acrimony rages a fire not even a deluge from the Thames can extinguish.

But letting go of the past is difficult. Can Thomas and Amelia bury old jealousies and grievances for the promise of a love powerful enough to surmount his pride and crumble the walls surrounding her heart?
I really enjoyed Beverley Kendall's debut novel, Sinful Surrender, and was excited to hear that two characters that appear in that book have their own story coming out in January 2011. Beverley writes very passionate stories, and I like that. Especially since she also blends it with that much required emotional element I can't live without. And this one sounds like it has both of those things in spades. Beverley, I CAN'T wait to read it!



  1. The blurb: her last failed elopement. Should I ask how many she actually had? lol

    It sounds like a good book - I'll have to look this one up, thanks.

  2. Ooo this book DOES sound very good! Thanks for the heads up, Stacy.

  3. This sounds awesome!!! I've added it to my TBR pile and will be on the lookout for her other book also :-)

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