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Monday, September 27, 2010:
MMMMM Monday: Andy Whitfield

My reviewer's block seems to have extended to my blog as well, so what better excuse (if I actually need one!) than to have my latest hottie grace us with his luscious presence. This here is the yummy Andy Whitfield, who plays the lead character in "Spartacus: Blood &Sand".

He's got stormy gray/blue eyes and a sexy, gravelly voice that gives a woman shivers. His character is very serious on the show (what with being a slave and all) but watching the "special features" on the discs, he also is very funny and doesn't take himself too seriously. And dayum, does he look good nekkid ;)

But there's some recent sad news about Andy: recently his non-Hodkin lymphoma came back, and he is unable to tape season 2 of "Spartacus". Sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts that he beats it and is back in action soon!

Are you loving on Andy?

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  1. I know! After you starting lovin' on Andy - I had to look him up. He's most definitely eye candy. I'm praying for him.

  2. SO, I haven't watched Spartacus yet and have been enjoying your status updates on watching the series. I love looking at pictures of this man, he is freaking gorgeous. And his cancer returning and him having to leave the show REALLY bums me out. Also, I have to wonder why they would continue a season 2 without Spartacus himself?

  3. WOWZA! Thanks for this!!

  4. I love that second photo! WOW! *drools*

    I think I need to start watching this series!

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