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Wednesday, September 29, 2010:

1. What I'm reading: a few things actually. Another Wedding Night, a Harlequin Blaze by Leslie Kelly, and "Passion Unleashed", the 3rd book in Larissa Ione's Demonica series.

2. What I'm watching: season 1 of Nip/Tuck. I watched it way back (2003) but now because of tweep Kitty Thomas, I want to watch it again.

3. What I'm eating: I'm addicted to Panda Express' Honey Walnut Shrimp.

4. What I'm drinking: Lipton's Brisk raspberry iced tea.

5. Who I'm crushing on: Andy Whitfield (of Spartacus fame - see Monday's post)

6. What I'm listening to: "Grow Old With You" from the Wedding Singer. Cracks me up and melts my heart all at the same time.

7. What I'm dreaming about: spring! And going on a cruise. Anyone wanna go?

8. What I'm doing: (hopefully) a booksigning for Joelle Charbonneau on Saturday.

9. What I'm saving my money for: an iPad. And a car. Need many more dollars for that one!

10. What I'm believing: that Karma will come back to bite you, so think twice before doing that really mean thing now, cuz yeah, it's unbelievably tempting now, but will the consequences be worth it later? Yes? Then okay, go ahead and do it! *g*

11. What I'm tired of: radio commercials during the new fall t.v. season. Hearing the same ad 5 times in 5 minutes is beyond irritating.

12. What I'm hoping for: happiness.

13. What I'm doing now (besides typing this post): tweeting and listening to Nickelback

14. What I hate about getting older so far: I've gotten so damn sensitive. Someone needs to smack me!

15. What I pray for: That all the people in my life who are hurting find something to take away the pain.

16. What I crave: um, yeah, THAT. Also Dove's Cherry Cordial Courtship ice cream.

17. What/who inspires me: selfless people

18. What amuses me: inappropriate and/or dirty jokes (I just saw "Hot Tub Time Machine" and loved it!)

19. What drives me: the fear of being homeless!

20. What I'm curious about: what's on YOUR mind?



  1. I loved this post :) Liptons Brisk Raspberry Iced tea is wonderful. How did I miss that you were reading the Demonica books? Passion Unleashed is my favorite of the series. :)

  2. Nickleback is one of my fave bands. Slacker Radio has an awesome Nickleback channel.

  3. What a great post... You always give me something to look forward to! And I would absolutely LOVE to join you for a cruise! Can we leave now?!

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