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Monday, September 13, 2010:
Is it hot enough for you?
I admit it, sometimes I buy books only because they are tagged as erotic. I get in those moods where I just want a hot, dirty read with a loving relationship at the heart of it. But mostly, I just want something naughty ;)

So it was with that thought in mind that I had picked up 2 books in a series labeled as erotic romantic suspense, and read them over the weekend (okay, I finished 1 book and am about 1/3 of the way through the 2nd). My thoughts: you don't always get what you want. The books, though filled with sex and a suspenseful plot, failed to leave me hot and bothered or even glued to my seat, caught up in an adrenaline rush due to the suspenseful action. Needless to say, it's been disappointing :(

The author of the books is someone I like very much, but I have to admit, I really don't think that this genre is her forte. These books are peppered with frequent sexual encounters of all varieties, but what's missing is...the heat. Sometimes less is more. And in certain circumstances, instant gratification can be a disappointment.

Anticipation can increase the intensity of just about anything. You want it so badly that the yearning grows over time. I found that the first kiss in "Faith and Fidelity" was so much HOTTER than most of the explicit sexual encounters I've found in a lot of romances, because of the need, the ever increasing desire and initial denial of acting on those feelings. As a reader, we became connected to these characters, began to fall in love with them as they fell in love with each other, and by the time they finally kissed, it was so intense and explosive. It's not all about nekkid body parts and multiple partners. It's about the attraction, they way you look at each other, the way you can't wait to get closer.

Of course the other problem in this series is that the suspense plot is weak, and the characters make several TSTL decisions (really, when the woman you love has been kidnapped, you're going to have sex with someone else???) so there's not a lot to fall back on. But then again I didn't buy these books for the suspense plot. It was all about the smexxin'. And while plenty, it was not very sexy.

Are you a fan of erotic romance?

What makes a story hot for you?


  1. Great topic. I too enjoy a good HOT book once and a while (well, may all of the time, who am I kidding?!) but I agree that not all "erotic" books are HOT... Sometimes it's just a lot of sex, especially when there isn't passion behind it.

    I wrote a post a couple months ago looking at what defines "erotic romance." (link here in case you want to see it: I think that each person has their own boundaries as to erotic and what is a turn on. They aren't one in the same.

    Thanks for the post!!

  2. I enjoy erotic romance.
    There has to be sexual tension as a build up to the sex scenes to make it a good read for me---not just sex for sex sake.

  3. Sometimes I want a smutty, raunchy, take no prisoners erotic romance that less me a mess of quivering parts. Usually when that mood strikes, I turn to the Queen -- Lora Leigh. Good lord does she write some great stuff and her sex absolutely blisters!

    Unfortunately, I, too, have read a few authors who are erotic (epress authors) who have put out great stuff in the past, but now have written books with little substance and a LOT of sex. Those I dislike and leave me feeling like I'm missing something.

  4. I enjoy reading erotic romances. I don't want sex just for sex sake. Love a super HOT story that has substance with the sex.

  5. I'm a huge fan of Erotic Romance, but not so much of Romantic Supense-even the ones with erotica in them. I have trouble with the plots-they are just never believable to me.

  6. Brilliant post Stacy! Anticipation is key! For me, I don't care about the physical intimacy if there is no emotional intimacy, and you can't have the latter IMHO without having the story and characters develop. In other words, give them time! And I so need to read Faith & Fidelity!

    ...really, when the woman you love has been kidnapped, you're going to have sex with someone else???


  7. I love my erotic romance!! And i agree sometimes they are just meh reads because they do not pull at my heartstrings and make me care about the characters.
    Infidelity is a definite book thrower for me, remind me not to get that one. I love my stories HOT but they have to be faithful to each other.

  8. I'm a fan of erotic romance but sometimes the authors leave the romance out of it. If I'm not feeling the connection between the couple or if there's not tension it just doesn't do it for me.

    Sorry you were disappointed.

  9. I am picky with actually scares me a I tend to go away from it.. that isn't to say I haven't found some wonderful ones (joey hill) but I don't just jump into them.

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