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Tuesday, August 31, 2010:
Reader blogs: what keeps you coming back?

I've seen a few posts over the last few weeks from readers that talk about changing their blog, or defining what direction they are going with their blog, and it got me thinking about my own blog. This place continues slowly to evolve, and mostly I've managed to keep it my own. But at the same time, I don't want to set any parameters on how I run this place. One day I might have an author, and another a favorite hottie. The next a more serious topic. Or the awesome guest blogger interviews. And hopefully a review here and there. But I don't want a specific purpose for my blog, other than it be about things I care about.

I notice I tend to be really hard on myself because I don't read as much as other bloggers, and I have to stop from comparing myself to others. Why do I do this to myself? It shouldn't matter. I'm a different person, so my personal expectations should only pertain to me, right? And that is what I'm determined to do. Make this a cozy little place that I can live with, and not worry what the Jones are up to. Because at the end of the day, it's my place, no one else's.

When I think about it more indepth, I realize I do want to also have more serious topics. I have some ideas in mind, I just need to organize my thoughts and write them in a clear, understandable, somewhat intelligent way. Wish me luck *g*

And I'm curious about other bloggers and their visitors, so you know what that means: Last week I asked you what you look for in an author website/blog. This week I want to know:

What makes you visit reader blogs?

What are some of your favorite reader blogs?

What don't you like about reader blogs?



  1. I like to visit reader blogs that share the same taste in books as me. That is my main reason for visiting (reader blogs, not personal ones). It's really my main criteria.

    And this sounds awful, but if the feed isn't a full feed, I drop the blog. I read blogposts in my GReader, and since I mostly read when I'm at work, I don't click through often. I leave those I want to come back and comment on as unread so I can visit later to comment.

    There are a couple things I don't care for. Contests that make me follow, or jump through hoops to enter, and tons of NSFW photos.

  2. I visit blogs to get some great books to read, meet new to me authors, or just see a hottie or two ;) Oh and I do love love WTF posts, and Chris has the best linkity posts.

    I love too many, and they are all so different from each other.

    At least give me one review a week, if it instead it just meme after meme, it is kind of boring :(

  3. I think you should definitely stay true to yourself! Sometimes as new bloggers we often question everything that we do, but in the end, why did we start blogging in the first place... to share things we feel passionate about. SO I say.. carry on with what you're doing!

    I primarily follow blogs that share topics that are similar to my tastes. Does that mean that every post will be a love on every blog? No. But the general idea is always there. I follow a lot of different blogs and they are all somewhat different from one another due to personal touches... and that's why I love blogging in the first place. I like being able to read the different perspectives on books, meet new authors, gather new books to add to my ginormous TBR mountain, and so on...

    I don't mind smexy pics or fun rambles. It allows me to learn more about the blogger behind the blog! And it can be fun!

    I've only stopped following one blog because of something I didn't like and that was being overly critical and harsh towards things. I understand that we're all different, but when it sounds like you hate the world and everything in it.. that's not for me!

    And with all that said... I have a little award for you at my blog. Stop by and pick it up HERE whenever you get the chance! :P

  4. I definitely look for blogs that review the same type genre's I enjoy. But I'm also open to reading blogs that cover genre's I don't normally read b/c it helps broaden my reading. For example The Book Smuggler's suggestions have gotten me to read more fantasy and I find I LOVE it.

    I also look for blogs that are very honest in their reviews, I'm not so concerned with the number of reviews that crank out but how honest they are.

    I dislike when blogs become very....promotional. When it seems they're doing more stuff just to get readers/followers.

    I started blogging because, at the time, I didn't have a lot of people around me reading the genres I enjoyed so I found you wonderful bloggers. Without y'all I wouldn't be privvy to some of the great books I've read!

  5. I follow blogs that read the same stuff as me, but are not afraid to pick up another genre for a book or two. I find some of the best books I have read are from those.

    Some of the reader blogs I follow are Book Chick City and Book Crazy Jenn. We seem to read the same things and they are very insightful, but totally check out more than just the paranormal and uf shelves.

    Sometimes I get burnt out on the memes, but that's just me.

    I also blog about everything and not just books, so right on sista.

  6. Lori, I agree. I tend to follow those with similar tastes. I waver on the contest thing, because to beg for followers seems silly, yet I also truly appreciate those people who do follow me. So I've debated whether or not to have a contest just for followers. So far I haven't. But never say never...

    Blodeuedd, I hear ya. I follow a bunch, and never have time to comment on all. I'm tryin to get my review mojo back. I lost it!

    Tanya, I love blogs where the blogger share a part of themselves, their personality. Makes it more fun to visit :) And an award? Wow, when I get home I'll have to go check it out!

    Mollie, I struggle with the promo thing (i.e. getting more followers) because I want to be liked by everyone! LOL. I am such a dork ;P Working on it LOL.

    Lily, I love review blogs, but you're right, after awhile I want something new. And I believe I need to check out those blogs you've mentioned. I recognize the names, but don't think I've really checked them out. Thanx! :)

  7. I tend to read blogs from folks that have similar book tastes, sense of humor or outlook on life. I don't enjoy day after day of just reviews, or if it's just full of memes.

    You have a blog that I come back to all the time!

    I'm with you on the contests - I don't like a lot of hoops, but I don't mind being a follower. When I have "Follower contests" it's for my followers, but I have other contests, as well.

  8. I was in a hurry this morning... I should have also said that I do enjoy a mix of personal and reviews. Or if the blogger lets in some personal with a review. Because it helps to know something about the people I consider my friends :) But also, it sometimes helps to put reviews in perspective if I know a little something about the reviewer. So people shouldn't be afraid to let their personality shine through!

  9. I visit anyone's blog that is interesting or that are similar to my taste.
    I have a few blogs but mainly its for me to make separations. Like Wishlist, TBR, ect. But I have 2 different blogs one for reading and one for play. LOL

    The only thing that would get me to stop following a blog is if the writer went off on a topic that was personal to me. Or their thoughts were way off from my own.

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