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Monday, August 30, 2010:
Is it too hot in here?

Maybe it's because it's Monday, or maybe because it's supposed to be in the 90's today, but I was thinking I felt in the mood for a little pick-me-up today. Whatever the reason, I felt drawn to this image. I needed something stimulating to get me going today.

This picture does just that. It's both incredibly sensual and sexy, ripe with tension and anticipation. And what makes it even hotter is that you use your own imagination to fantasize what happens next, whether he takes her up against the wall or perhaps gives her a slow, thorough massage first.

But what I might find sexy, you may not. Maybe you like to leave things to your imagination, or maybe you like explicit, raw, dirty goodness. Doesn't really matter. My point is, we all find different things sexy. Some prefer a subtle, barely there suggestion, while others crave the very public, very raunchy, smutty seduction. It's one of the things that makes us unique - and that is what excites us. None of it's wrong. We're not deviants who should feel guilty for what turns us on.

The reason I even bring this up is because on my beloved Twitter, there is a lot of talk - and viewing - that can certainly be considered improper. Not wrong - I don't think there's anything wrong with being improper from time to time, but lecherous, racy, lustful, suggestive, and yes, even vulgar. For the most part, I don't have a problem with it, but there are some images that I feel are there more for the shock value and don't do a thing for me. I choose to ignore them. But I'm sure there are others out there who are horrified with these images, and some of the conversations, and I have to wonder when is it too much?

As far as I know, Twitter is not promoted as a "family friendly" forum. It's pretty much anything goes. One of the reasons to love it, but also one of the reasons to hate it. Am I wagging a disapproving finger at those who post these pictures? No, not at all. But I do think that there should be clearer indicators of exactly what it is you're posting before it's viewed by the objecting and/or too young eyes. And yes I know, I've seen some things that have made me want to bleach my eyes, but that was my own damn fault. When people warn me not to look, well dammit, I wanna look!

So what I want to know is this:

How do you feel about explicit pictures or links to said pics

posted on Twitter?

Should they be clearly labeled?

And just how much is TOO much?



  1. Great post hon. I thought about this topic too.

    I think I'm not at all "horrified" by these pics and enjoy them greatly but I had to learn my lesson in the past. Never click on tumblr links while at work. Not even those without the #nsfw hashtags. Not clever Susi. And yes it would be cool to label those but I get why some tweets aren't. We are all just human and sometimes you just forget.

    I think it's okay to post them and everyone who feels offended could just unfollow them or put tumblr links on the blacklist in tweetdeck.
    Everyone should be allowed to post what he/she wants.

    Please keep going ladies.

  2. I have to admit that I have unfollowed some folks because if it. I had originally followed them because they talked about books, but now it all seems to be about the smut. Which is fine for them. I don't disapprove. But in my mid-40s, I'm just past that. And I especially appreciate the NSFW label. Just sayin.

    I did a post about this as well, but in relation to blogs. Which is why I post so few comments anymore. I can't click through to so many blogs because of the images, and since I do most of my blog reading at work, I stay in my GReader. I have to admit to even being hesitant to click through with this photo on your post. One never knows what will trip the wire at work.

  3. Girrrrl yes. Occasionally it's cool, I like it sometimes (only when there is a NSFW warning tho), but when it's aaaalllll the twitter poster(s) do anymore, which is entirely different than when you started following, it's enough to make a girl want to unfollow :( And it really makes me wonder too what is going on when that's all there is to post about?

  4. I don't even twitter. I'm not even really sure what it's all about. Hmm maybe I should look into ti :o) But then this has me a little scared lol.

  5. Great post Stacy. I pretty much only look at photos from Twitter if I'm at home only. Learned my lesson when I clicked on a tumblr picture one day at work. Would like to know in advance if it is #nsfw. I follow several people who do post some super hot pictures. I just don't always open them on computer. My phone will always show me the pictures in the post, so I know if I want to see a bigger picture or skip over it.

    Will say the #nsfw hashtag would be very helpful always. Would give me the headsup in advance how hot the picture will be.

  6. I had to learn the hard way about clicking on twitter images- I was used to ones like the one in this post and even some more revealing, but there were a few that were a little too much for me. I've had kids in the house for 17 years now, so it's ingrained:) I just started reading romance a year and 1/2 ago or so. I'm a late bloomer. LOL

    I do think there should be a warning, but I wasn't offended at any point. Actually I've been more put off by some tweets where people are bragging about their sex lives on a daily basis...over the top kind of bragging that makes me think it's just for shock value too:)

  7. I think the general rule now is if it's a tumblr post, don't click on it in front of anyone unless you are sure it's safe! I've learned my lesson :D

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