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Friday, September 10, 2010:
It's official: I'm a Gleek!

From Wikipedia: Glee is a musical comedy-drama television series that airs on Fox in the United States. It focuses on a high school show choir (a modern glee club) called "New Directions", at the fictional William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio. The pilot episode of the show was broadcast after American Idol on May 19, 2009, and the first season began airing on September 9, 2009 .

I love music, and I love to sing (even though that is not a pleasant experience for others), yet when Glee came around about a year ago, I was all "meh". Whatever. It just didn't appeal to me for some odd reason. Then of course, my easily influenced self began to see all the chatter on Twitter about being a Gleek and this and that, so I finally decided I was just going to have to see for myself if it was worth all the fuss.

So I got the DVDs yesterday from Netflix, exactly 1 year after the first episode aired, and immediately began watching it. Almost right from the start, I was hooked. It was funny, charming, sweet, sad, and snarky. Fun! But what really hooked me was the last performance at the end of episode one (Director's Cut) - the rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'". Wow, that blew me away, mostly because as they're singing it, I'm feeling it. Those of you who love to sing know what I mean. It's that sense of wonder and emotion that takes you over whenever you're really into the music. I've replayed that scene 3 times now, and though it's not an over-the-top fancy number, it hit all the right buttons for me.

And damn, the episode with the football team and Beyonce's "Put a Ring on It" is freakin' hilarous! Just sayin'. I am having a blast watching this show *g*

Now I've already found characters I love, and ones I don't like (don't hate anyone quite yet), but I'm sure as the season progresses my feelings will change, and I expect that. I'm just really excited about watching all the episodes and falling in love with the music all over again. Reading the Wikipedia section on Glee, I love seeing the list of performers who've allowed their music to be used on the show, and am disappointed in those who refuse (you people suck! Not mentioning any names, Mr. "It Cuts Like a Knife".) Hopefully those few dissenters will change their minds and let Glee be an even better show.

Are you a Gleek?

What do you love/hate about the show?

Who are your favorite characters?



  1. I'm a Gleek. I became one last season, I caught up on Hulu. I have to tell you I love the songs from season two - and the Episode with Neil Patrick Harris? LOVED IT. I can't wait for it to start back up.

    I like Sue - she is just evil enough.

  2. I've yet to watch this series but I've been meaning to. Maybe one day soon.

  3. My name is Colette, and I'm a Gleek. I love this show! I'm with Lily-I loved the episode with NPH and also the one with Olivia Newton John. I love Puck, and Sue's one liners. The only thing that got to be annoying is that they had Rachel sing in almost every single episode towards the end. I wanted to say: We get it, we know she was on broadway! Give someone else a chance!

  4. OMG I'm a HUUUUUGE Gleek and have been since day one!

    I'm ridiculously in love with Puck, but don't tell Bells or Marq because they'll hurt me. I'm also a big fan of Finn, love Rachel (even if she gets on my nerves sometiems), and Brittany cracks my shit up! And of course, SUE! Love her!!

    I agree with Lily, the episode with NPH was awesome!!

    And Jaime... omg girl! WATCH THE SHOW!! It's made of WIN!

  5. I'll admit it. I'm a Gleek. I didn't watch at first, thought it would be too YA. But, my husband started watching it (LOL), and I got hooked soon after that! It's fantastic!!

  6. Snookums I am so happy that you love Glee! I am a hardcore Gleek and have loved the show from night 1!

    My favorite characters are:
    and Sue Sylvester. Sue totally makes the show and I was so happy when Jane Lynch won the Emmy!

    Welcome to the Gleek Club! :D

  7. Oh, I'm a ginormous GLEEK, as you know, Stacy! I adore the show, and have easily 95% of the music from last season downloaded to my iPod.

    The show never fails to bring a smile to my face. Now you'll totally understand when on Tuesday's during the TV season I have "GLEE!" as my facebook status.

    Welcome to the craziness!

  8. Ihaven't watch this show either!! :(


  9. Welcome to the Gleek Side :D

    For me, it's all about Coach Sue. I have always found her hysterical in everything she's done, and I am so happy she's found this role to really highlight her talent. She's brilliant. I look forward to her snarkyness and her digs on Shu every week :D Glad you're part of the Club now!

  10. First epsisode is on the Dutch t.v. this week, so no opinion yet...

  11. I'm a Gleek too! My son teases me about it but I bet if he gave in he would be too. That house takes me away.

  12. Welcome fellow Gleek! I've loved the show since episode 1 and I am totally hooked. Which is odd because I am not a fan of musicals. Imagine that? But I love Glee. I have all the soundtracks and half the season on my iPod. It's my "go to" music when I need a pick me up.

    *side eyes MamaKitty* Hands of Puck! I'm tired of Bells trying to claim him. Not you too! Where's my powduh?

    Some episodes during the season were kinda WTF? Like the whole thing with Mr.Schue's psycho wife. I'm glad they wrapped that up quickly. I love Sue! She is hilarious and love it when she insults Mr.Schue. The NPH episode was THE BEST! I loved Artie's performance of S.A.F.E.T.Y. dance. I watch that episode over and over.

    Okay enough gushing! I can't wait for the new season to start!

  13. I'm a Gleek. Love the Neil Patrick Harris episode. They showed it on Fox on Tuesday night. Sue is one of my favorite characters. She gets to be so evil and I love her.

  14. YEP! I'm a Gleek!;) I watch the show the first time it aired and it got me hooked. You be hearing a lot of singings as you watch the rest of the seasons. I love the show because they're always singing some old favorite of mine. And its always make me sing along. Love Sue, she evil but hilarous! I love every each characters for their own personality. So I can't pick a favorite ;) Hope you enjoy the rest of the Seasons! :)

  15. I love Glee. Have all the dvd's and they are on my ipod. I belt them out like I can really sing.

    I love Jane Lynch even when she was on Criminal Minds and two and a half men. She rocks the character of Sue.

    Brittany cracks me up no end. NPH show rocked. I loved the safety dance number.

  16. I'm a Gleek! Can't wait for Season 2!

    And I too loved the rendition of 'Don't Stop Believin'. I'd never heard of the song (or the band) before then and...WOW! Goodbumps!

  17. LOVE Glee! The "Put A Ring On It" was definitely my favorite episode! Rivaled only by the Madonna and Lady Gaga ones!

    I love when Sue writes in her diary. And makes fun of Will's hair.

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