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Thursday, July 15, 2010:
What I'm watching: Law Abiding Citizen
From Yahoo Movies:

Clyde Shelton is an upstanding family man whose wife and daughter are brutally murdered during a home invasion. When the killers are caught, Nick Rice, a hotshot young Philadelphia prosecutor, is assigned to the case. Over his objections, Nick is forced by his boss to offer one of the suspects a light sentence in exchange for testifying against his accomplice.

Fast forward ten years. The man who got away with murder is found dead and Clyde Shelton coolly admits his guilt. Then he issues a warning to Nick: Either fix the flawed justice system that failed his family, or key players in the trial will die. Soon Shelton follows through on his threats, orchestrating from his jail cell a string of spectacularly diabolical assassinations that can be neither predicted nor prevented.

Philadelphia is gripped with fear as Shelton's high-profile targets are slain one after another and the authorities are powerless to halt his reign of terror. Only Nick can stop the killing, and to do so he must outwit this brilliant sociopath in a harrowing contest of wills in which even the smallest misstep means death. With his own family now in Shelton's crosshairs, Nick finds himself in a desperate race against time facing a deadly adversary who seems always to be one step ahead.

This was a great, chilling movie! I enjoyed seeing Gerard Butler in the bad guy role this time around, although considering how he got there - having seen his wife and child killed - it's hard to not feel sympathy and understanding for his actions, and maybe even root for him a little. I am a Libra, and one of the occupations that is always considered appropriate for Libras is a judge, yet I don't think I could ever be impartial enough to let the things happen they way they do in the justice system. Not that I believe they are completely wrong, but because I see too many seriously bad, unrepentant people get away with horrible acts of violence.

There were a few things in the movie that made me squeamish, but they're more alluded to than anything else (like exactly how his daughter may have eventually died - you're left to imagine what horrible things were done to her) - yet at one point it got a little too close to home - such as when Clyde found the killer that got away. Picturing in my mind all the things he said he was going to do to him was creepy and disgusting, to say the least. Something out of my worst nightmares. But I guess after a point when you lost the most important people in your life, one of them being a child, you lose touch with reality, at least temporarily, and reach a point where you just don't care. Sadly Clyde was pushed off the deep end, and avenged his family the only way he knew how.

What I liked:

  • Gerard's sexy ass! Don't know why he had to strip, but dayum, that was sweet!

  • The scene with the judge and the phone. Didn't see that coming!

  • The "daddy" bracelet his daughter made for him - heartbreaking and poignant.

  • Using brains (mostly) over brawn to get away with the crimes.

What I didn't care for:

  • Not a big Jamie Foxx fan, and I thought he was an ass in this movie

  • The ending. Come on! Why? I get it, but still.

  • No strong female character.

Overall, an enjoyable, action-packed movie with sufficient eye candy and violence to get your adrenaline going. Again have to mention that the lack of a decent female role in these types of films is beyond tiresome. There always has to be the requisite pissing contest between the two guys. Wouldn't it have been wonderful if a woman was in one of those roles?

Have you seen it?

Wasn't a nekkid Gerard HOT???

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  1. **Raises hand - ohohohoh memememe**

    I was so happy when the hubs grabbed this at the movie place the other night... *and Gamer, lol* Yes I was in heaven. We actually bought them... Well, they were 3 for 20... And I got New Moon too!! Big smiles for the hubs!!!!

    Anyway... It was an awesome show. But I soooooooo agree with you, I understand the ending... but WHY!!!! And the naked part, besides giving us a hellva show (he could have turned around) he wanted to show them that he surrender fully. Ohhh man.. That man freaking steals my breath away every time. Hubs knows just let me sit and watch, lmbo.
    I hope all is well honey!
    Hugs to you!

  2. I saw this movie about 2, 3 months ago and I thought it was awesome....great movie.

  3. Nekkid Gerard is the entire reason I saw the film! I'm drooling just remembering!!

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