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Tuesday, July 06, 2010:
Cover alert: Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis

ISBN-10: 0425239810
Publisher: Berkley
Date: February 2011

“A Jill Shalvis hero is the stuff naughty dreams are made of.”—New York Times Bestselling Author Vicki Lewis Thompson

This alpha male is going to bring out her wild side…

Sunshine, Idaho, is a small and sunny town—the perfect home for man and beast. Well, maybe not for man, as pilot-for-hire Brady Miller discovers when his truck is rear-ended by what appears to be Noah’s Ark.

The co-owner of the town’s only kennel, Lilah Young has good reason to be distracted behind the wheel—there are puppies, a piglet, and a duck in her Jeep. But, she doesn’t find it hard to focus on the angry, gorgeous stranger she’s collided with.

Lilah has lived in Sunshine all her life, and though Brady is just passing through, he has her abandoning her instincts and giving in to a primal desire. It’s Brady’s nature to resist being tied down, but there’s something about Lilah and her menagerie—both animal and human—that keeps him coming back for more…

Praise for the novels of Jill Shalvis

“The perfect romance!”—New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster

“A fun, sexy story of the redemptive powers of love…red-hot!” —New York Times bestselling author JoAnn Ross

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  1. Hello puppy on cover is book win for me!

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