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Sunday, February 14, 2010:
Dean Day: Sam & Dean
As much as I love Dean, and believe me, I do, I can't deny that Sam (Jared Padalecki) is an integral part of the show.

They appear to be really good friends outside of work (and there have been rumors that it's a "more than friends" relationship but true or not, I love 'em just the same).

They obviously have a good time together and have fun with it. I suppose when you're that pretty, you can either be a jerk about it, or not take yourself too seriously. I like the direction these two went ;D

Oh, do I ever like the scruffy, unkempt look they've got going on here. These boys are just too cute.

And this is the dynamic duo who make up one of my favorite shows: Supernatural. Gotta love Sam & Dean.

Thank you everyone, for stopping by, and a huge shout-out to my fellow bloggers who all participated in Dean Day today. I still have to get to some more of the blogs. I hope this tribute has convinced you to watch the show if you haven't already done so. Quite a bit of awesomeness to enjoy, don't you think? ;)

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  1. Stacy, I love me some Sam too! Ironically, he played the character Dean in Gilmore Girls. He was Rory's love interest, and I fell in love with him there.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  2. mmmm yum yum YUM, love all your Dean posts so far, he is SO freakin' hot!

  3. Thank you Stacy! I must track down Season 2...although maybe I should watch Season 1 again so I know what's going on!

  4. Another good Dean Day blog. I do love me some Sam too. Very awesome pics of them.

  5. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the Dean (and some Sam) eye candy. I still love the first 2 seasons the best and this makes me want to go back and re-watch my favs. Although I need to catch up on last weeks episode!

  6. I love the chemistry that those two hotties have too! They are so great together *sigh*
    Thanks for another wonderful post, hon!

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