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Sunday, February 14, 2010:
It's FINALLY here: DEAN DAY!!!!!
It has been so much fun planning Dean Day with my Twitter friends, although we mostly did our own thing. Some will post vids, some lists, whatever. Doesn't matter. It's ALL about Dean and it's all good. If somehow you're stopping here first (or even second), be sure to make the rounds and stop by some of these other amazing sites:

Here is a favorite "after the show" moment when Dean sings along to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger"

Proving he has a sense of humor

Gotta love how he curls those lips of his ;)

Oh to be curled up next to this guy all night...or day. Sweet....

Be sure to stop by for more Dean throughout the day....

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  1. I love your pics Stacy. The Eye of the Tiger was one of the greatest Dean moments of all time ;) I'll be back to see what else you're posting today.

  2. Happy Dean Day! :D
    Oh love that ep

  3. I'm grinning here, the pics of the EYE OF THE TIGER moment, fabulous!!! And yes, Dean has the most kissable lips :D

  4. Happy Dean Day everyone! I've loved Jensen Ackles since he was on Days of Our Lives years ago. I've only caught a few Supernatural episodes, but I loved those I saw. Off to the theatre soon, but I'll be back to make the rounds for Dean Day this afternoon.

  5. Hey Stacy, just popping in to say hi. I don't watch Supernatural, but he is a fine specimen to celebrate today. I hope you invited Leslie. You know how much she loves Dean, right?

    Have a Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  6. Happy Dean Day!!!
    I love him singning Eye of the Tiger.. I LMAO when I first saw it.

  7. Happy Dean Day, Stacy! :)

    Great pics - love, love, love the Eye of the Tiger bit!

  8. Happy Dean Day!

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