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Friday, February 05, 2010:
Blog to watch: Hanging with Bells

This here is the blog for one of my new favorite people: Belinda, aka Bells, or if you are on Twitter, @bellie7. I can't recall when we first "met", but over the last several months I've come to adore and admire her very much. There might be a few reasons why *g*

First off, she recently started watching one of my favorite shows, SUPERNATURAL, and though she's had to share the DVD's with her hubby and kids, she has since discovered a great love for Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) and his sexy lips. Nothing brings two friends together more than lusting after such a fine hottie ;)

And on her blog, she's hosted some yummy Hump Day Hotties, such as Denzel Washington, and Taylor Kitsch. Again, cannot fault the woman for her taste.

She's very funny, and we think a lot alike, which is definitely another reason to think she's brilliant. But if that weren't all, Bells recently discovered the music of my current favorite band, Lady Antebellum. "Need You Now" is one of the songs she fell in love with. What can I say, the girl's got great taste!

So go check out Belinda's blog and say "hey". I can promise you, she's definitely someone you want to know :)
Do you already know Bells?
Isn't she awesome?



  1. I met Bells on Twitter. She is usually the first person I talk to in the morning and she is awesome. She makes me laugh, we "sigh" about all the men in our life, and she gives good book talk. Plus - she calls me "Smexi" with an "i" - how cute is that!?!

    Awesome post. Bells rocks.

  2. Yes! I met her on Twitter too and she is now deemed my twitter soulmate. This woman rocks and everyone DOES need to visit her blog.

    She suggests the best books ever.

  3. Couldn't agree with all of you more. I met Bells on Twitter too, she's always interested in how you're doing and I love her taste in music and books!!

  4. I don't know Bells, but I'll definitely swing by and check her blog out :)

  5. Bells is le awesome. I heart her. When I couldn't get my hand on AK who got me through by tweeting me some quotes, Bells. She is such a sweartheart.

  6. Will do, Stacy!

  7. How did I miss this? I recently started following her on Twitter - after our conversation re: 'Supernatural' - but I didn't realise she had a blog. Another one to add to the blog roll. Thanks, Stacy!

  8. Thank you guys or your kind words. How nice. And thanks to Stacy for doing this. She is so sweet!

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