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Wednesday, February 10, 2010:
Dean Day, earthquakes, lost iPhones, oh my!
Crazy, crazy world out there. While we got snow in our area yesterday, it was probably only around 8 inches (I'm too lazy to look it up), which is nothing to us that live in the midwest. Yeah, it's a pain in the ass, but it's managable. No excuse not to show up to work though, unfortunately. Now it's cold, and drifting, but the worst seems to be over. For now.

However what was really interesting was that there was a 3.8 earthquake that rumbled this morning around 4am, and yes, it did wake me up. Me, who can usually sleep through anything, was jolted awake wondering if the roof caved in. The last one we had, in April of 2008. was registered at a magnitude of 5.2 on the Richter Scale. Fortunately there was no damage or injuries in my world, so back to our regular scheduled programming.

No, the main focus of my attention recently has been the misfortune of losing my phone. I learned the hard way that Apple does not provide insurance for the iPhone, and it is NOT cheap to get a new one. While I received great service and got a lot of assistance getting back as much of the info I had on my lost phone transferred to the new phone, it was still painful. The funny thing is, as my co-worker mentioned, how I agonized over getting a new phone and that I never splurge on anything really expensive. Then I get a fancy phone and I lose it 3 months later. It was more a case of someone taking it, I believe, because I know where I lost it and even went back the next day to try and find it, but no such luck. To the bastard that took it, I hope you get yours LOL.

And then we have Valentine's Day coming up this weekend. As a single woman, I admit to a twinge every year around this time, but this year it seems to be a little stronger than normal. Part of me thinks it's the long winter and stress, but there's the romantic in me that would love to have a cute boyfriend to share it with. I'm thinking God must have someone really special in mind for me to have me wait for so long LOL. I have to admit, I'm getting rather impatient.

But since the is no guy in my life to cuddle with this weekend, Valentine's Day is going to be a celebration of a different sort this year. It's called....D-DAY! (aka Dean Day). Several of us on Twitter are huge fans of the show "Supernatural", and most especially of one of the main characters, Dean Winchester, played so brilliantly by Jensen Ackles, and we decided to host Dean Day on Valentine's Day. And let me tell you, it's been fun working on my post. I cannot wait to see what the other ladies conjure up, all for the love of Dean ;)

So if you're not too busy on Sunday with your honey, or maybe you are a big fan of Dean and/or the show, be sure to stop by and see what kinds of treats we have in store for you. I know I'll be making the rounds and enjoying the various pictures and posts.

So, what's going on in YOUR world?



  1. I feel your pain of a lost phone. Lost mine this weekend, but someone was nice enough to call my husband and tell him they had it (saw him on my call list as ICE1 Husband). Snow sucks, and earthquakes do too. Try to keep warm, even if it is cuddling with your computer and snuggi looking at pics on D-Day. :)

  2. My 10 year old niece saved up for her own IPhone, yes she's 10. She wanted it so badly that she saved for months.

    In her backpack at daycare, 4 days after she got it. Stolen. They searched all the kids, nope not the kids. Some adult took it, bastard.

  3. Hi Stacy!
    I am empathizing with your loss!
    Thank you also for explaining all the Dean's Day buttons I've seen about the blogosphere.
    All the best,
    PS - Natasha - That is AWFUL!

  4. I lost my iPhone for about 2 days. Thankfully it showed up in the house, because, yup... Steve Jobs is freakin money hungry and won't let you replace your iPhone except at full cost. (Not that I'm bitter or anything)

  5. That is crazy about the earthquake. Glad everyone seems to be okay, but wow. I didn't realize the Chicago area was an earthquake zone. Two in two years is significant if you ask me!

    Oh man... how awful to have lost your iPhone. Or worse... have it stolen! :( I guess Apple couldn't locate it using the GPS thingy? Maybe you have to sign up for that ahead of time, I'm not sure.

    As far as Valentine's Day goes... I'm sorry this day causes an extra ache in your heart. Does it help to know that Valentine's Day is really quite an ordinary day for even those of us who are in relationships? Don't get me wrong.. it can be a nice mid winter pick me up excuse to shower your loved one with gifts or professions of love... but I personally prefer those things on random, surprise moments any old time of year, not because the calendar dictates it. In any case, you have fun on your Dean Day! ;)

    What's going on in my world? Today is a SNOW DAY!! I love snow days! :)

  6. LOVE Dean and Sam. Looking forward to D-Day :)

  7. I'm sorry to hear you lost your iPhone like that! It would really make me upset for weeks if that would happen to me...
    I've been busy with my Dean post too and had the most enjoyable time doing it. I'm really looking forward to all the Dean love and to what all the girls come up with :)
    As for Valentine's Day, normally it's just a day like any other day for me, even if I've found the love of my life many years ago. But this year it's going to be special because it's Dean Day! :D

  8. LOL. Unfortunately Lily, no one was kind enough to return my phone. But I'm moving on *g* Looking forward to a 3-day weekend. Should be fun!

    Natasha! How awful! Your poor niece. People can be really awful. However I have to remember they can also be really wonderful too.

    Hey RK, yes, we love our DEAN! And he's getting his own day :)

    No Lori, not bitter. Neither am I, because really, I love paying too much for a phone that doesn't offer insurance *g*

    Christine, I think I'm PMSing, which is why V-Day is affecting me LOL. Srsly, I'm usually good with it, even going as far as to send valentines to friends :) Just wasn't feeling it this year I guess. But I'll live. Just need to get over myself LOL.

    Mollie, so glad you'll be celebrating along with us :)

    Janna, glad you're participating, and that V Day is going to be extra special. How cool you've met the right person. Stuff like that puts a smile on my face :)

  9. Sorry to hear that you lost your phone. Nothing exciting happening here except the big snowstorm.

  10. Poor thing! Phone-stealing weasel fink. Grrr.

    I'm so paranoid about losing/someone stealing mine - that's one of the main reasons I have Mobile Me. It can be located or remotely wiped, if need be. Overkill? Who, me? O:-)

    Also - Dean? *drools* <3<3<3

  11. Stacy, you might be able to file a claim for part of the money on your home owners insurance. My friend is on her 3rd iphone because the face cracked on the last 2. I think they actually covered the last one on home owners.

    This Valentine's day is a little harder to deal with than normal for me too. I'm all for waiting for God to send me the right guy, just wish it would happen a little faster.

  12. I am totally looking forward to Dean day! Yum!

  13. So sorry to hear that you lost your iPhone/had it stolen. I'm only had mine a month and I live in fear of something happening to it.

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