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Thursday, February 11, 2010:
What I'm watching: Numb3rs - Season 1

Like a cross between CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION and Darren Aronofsky's indie feature PI, the CBS television series NUMB3RS blends crime-drama with mathematics for a smart and creepy spin on the police-detective genre. Executive produced by Ridley Scott (ALIEN) and Tony Scott (TRUE ROMANCE), the series centers on a pragmatically minded FBI agent, Don Eppes (NORTHERN EXPOSURE's Rob Morrow), who invites his math-genius younger brother, Charlie (David Krumholz), to help him solve challenging cases using mathematical theories based on equations and probability. Dark and moody with a near-cinematic feel, NUMB3RS has won both fans and acclaim for its innovative approach to the conventional crime-drama formula. This collection presents all 13 episodes from the series' debut season.

I've seen Portia Da Costa have about this show quite a bit on Twitter and saying how much she likes it, so that's how this show ended up in my queue. My opinon: what took me so long! I was hooked right from the start of the first episode.

Now I'm definitely no math whiz. In fact I agonized over any type of math/science class in school. It was pure torture for me because it just didn't click in my brain. But watching Charlie (David Krumholz) come up with all these advanced calculations and observations is utterly fascinating. Doesn't hurt that both him and his brother Don (Rob Morrow) are pretty darn cute. I admit, I have a major crush on Charlie now. I think it's that "smart = sexy" dynamic. Whatever. It works for me.

It's really a fun show about solving all kinds of crimes, whether it's murder, or financial. But there's also focus on the various relationships on going: between Don and Charlie; between both of them and their father; with Charlie and a fellow professor, played by Peter MacNichol who is just hilarious. There's a romantic vibe between Charlie and pretty student advisor Mia. And a certain vibe between Don and another FBI agent, played by Sabrina Lloyd, who I think is great inspiration for a contemporary romance novel heroine. I love the balance of personal relationships and the worklife. It makes the show even that more fun to watch.

Do you watch Numb3rs?

If not, why not????



  1. I've never watched this. I think it came on against something else I was watching. I'll have to give it a try.

  2. I love, LOVE LOVE LOVE, Numb3rs.

    That's all.


  3. Numb3rs is the best drama show about the FBI agent Don Eppes (Rob Morrow).His performance in the show is outstanding.I never miss out any episode of this show.Its latest episode And The Winner Is is also very interesting.Download Numb3rs to watch the best show in excellent picture quality.

  4. I do watch Numb3rs. Sometimes it puts me to sleep, I have to admit it. But I find Rob Morrow weirdly sexy on the show, so that's why I keep watching.

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