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Sunday, February 14, 2010:
10 reasons I love Dean Winchester
Only 10??? Well, I'll try to be creative as I can, but I might get distracted. What can I tell ya, I'm reall a super(natural)ficial girl at heart ;) So ere, goes, the Dean Love:

1. Dean behind the wheel of that sexy black Chevy Impala. When he's in the driver's seat, he owns the road, baby!

2. His taste in music. Driving that car and wearing that leather jacket, would you really expect him to listen to anything other than 70's rock? It's perfect for him.

3. His dirty, pervy side. Oh come on! Like I'm the only one LOL. He can be a total dawg but damn, I just love that about him. I can just imagine what he's thinking right now... ;)

4. His numerous identities. I know he shares this with Sam, but I love the references to rock stars, Scully & Mulder, and other famous names. Freakin' hil-ar-i-ous.

5. His love for his brother. They fight, and hurt each other, and sometimes even abandon each other, though sometimes that's out of their control. But when it comes down to what's important, Dean is always looking out for Sammy. And when he does, he makes my heart melt.

6. His appetite. For food, people. The guy is always hungry. Makes me figure he's equally as um, passionate, in his other appetites.

7. His vulnerable side. Despite his tough guy exterior, Dean feels things very deeply, and this mission he shares with Sam to rid the world of evil definitely takes a toll on him. But he carries on, and still cares. He's got the weight on his shoulders.

8. His practical jokes. Sometimes things get way too heavy, so if putting itching powder in Sam's underwear makes him feel better, well hell, who am I to complain?

9. He's self-assured yet not afraid to make a fool out of himself, whether it's wearing knee-high socks or squealing like "a leetle gurl", Dean has a personality all his own. Gotta love that.

10. His lips. I know, I know, I took it there, but damn, that mouth of his is a dangerous weapon, and if used the right way, I'm sure it can be a very effective and pleasurable one as well. Thank You, God, for giving that boy his sexy pout. It's given me hours of viewing pleasure.

What are some of your favorite things about Dean?

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  1. I love the reasons you included in your list Stacy. So many reasons to love Dean. Any guy that looks like he does, can kick major ass and make me laugh? Score!

  2. The grin. Oh, that grin.

  3. He's the ultimate wounded hero who needs fixin and lovin!!
    He is so torn by the death of his mother, his lost childhood having to practically raise Sam on his own, his strong love of family, his need for vengence because of all that was taken from him and his no matter what, will to live against all odds. He's self sacrificing and puts his brother and others before himself.
    The perfect sexy wounded hero...

  4. There are so many reasons to love Dean, aren't there? :) Some of yours are on my ten-reasons-list too! And I couldn't agree with you more about that mouth of his, YUM!
    I gotta say that you have the best pics I've seen so far (and I have seen quite a lot ;)), thank you so much, Stacy!
    Happy Dean Day :)

  5. Well, I just say - look at him! Enough said.

    Happy Valentine's day Stacy!

  6. I used to watch him on Days of Our Lives as Eric. How far he has come :)

    Me thinks I need to start watching Supernatural.

  7. OMG! You're right. i wish I had doen a video just of Dean's mouth. Bliss!

    Where are you guys finding all these great pics. I am SWOONING!

  8. All good reasons. I like his wry grin. He can look pensive and yet like he's up to something all at once *grin*

  9. Definitely the wounded hero thing. And his sense of humor. He's such a guy. ;-)

  10. Supernatural serious is totally depend on Dean Winchester.

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  11. You forgot his eyes...

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