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Saturday, September 12, 2009:
Children's Memorial Hospital - 10th annual radiothon

It's that time of year again, time to support Eric & Kathy's 10th annual 36-hour radiothon supporting Children's Memorial Hospital. It's one of the causes - like the troops - that I am most passionate about.

It's a bit later in the year than it was in 2008, and it seems rather unusual to have it such a significant day like 9/11, but perhaps hosting the show today of all days is one way people can make a difference and do some small but significant thing to create miracles. When it comes to the kids, there's never a bad time, sadly, in this case, just a necessary one. But that's why we give: so that one day it won't be necessary. I've listened to the radiothon for the last several years, and hearing the same stories year after year never fails to choke me up. These kids are so precious, each and every last one of them. I'm humbled by their resilience and capacity for love, even as sick children they have so much to give. They are why we go on when it seems impossible.

A really cool thing: as I was driving home today, around 5:30-ish, there was a special surprise guest that came over the airwaves: U2! They're in town for 2 nights for their tour, and from what it sounded like, they were in the car and heard the stories being played over the airwaves, and decided to call in. It was so amazing. The offered up a really cool package for some ultra premium tickets to Sunday night's show at Soldier Field. There's an auction being held to get the package, and last I checked the bid is at $4200! Oh to have that kind of money to help such an important cause and to see one of the world's most amazing bands! I'm so tempted to max out my credit card right about now...

If anyone is interested in finding out more, and/or is able to give even a little, you may donate here. I do my small part so that one day there won't be a need for a radiothon.
Do you have a special, perhaps local, charity you support?



  1. I had forgotten that it was on until I was driving around yesterday and turned on the radio. Oh god. It kills me to listen every year.

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