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Friday, September 11, 2009:
Today is a reminder of one of those emotional days that will live in our memories forever.

Hard to believe it's been 8 years already since that tragic day. Sometimes the memories are still so fresh, like it just happened.

No one will forget where they were when they first heard the news, or how they felt. Echos of that feeling still resonate today...

At this moment, I'm looking outside the building where I work, and am seeing the flags at half-mast. I just heard a plane fly overhead.

And I'm offering up a little prayer to those who died that day, and also to those who lost a loved one in such a horrifying, tragic, senseless way.

I'm also remembering all the things that I am extremely grateful for in my life: most importantly my family, my friends. And knowing that they are safe and happy means a lot to me.

I know that not everyone wants to dwell on the events of 8 years ago today, and I can respect that. We all deal with death and tragedy in our own way. I remember so that I don't take for granted all the things that are precious to me: freedom, choices, love.

To all of you, thank you for stopping by my little place in the world, for offering friendship, for making me laugh, for giving me a kick in the ass and a strong dose of "get over it" when I'm feeling sorry for myself, for offering encouragement when my confidence level is a bit low.

Hugs and smooches to you all.



  1. Love to work for contests !!!
    ok here I go :

    1. We don't have Halloween here in France. What I love best about hollidays in general though, is the cooking. All this gorgeous good and beautiful cakes and homemade cookies...*sigh*

    2. My favorite romantic suspense author is Nora Roberts. I know it's a classic but I've loved every sigle romantic suspense of hers so really, she qualifies, right ?

    3. My favorite thing to do on the internet is blog-hoping (who would have guessed...)

    4. I hate scary movies, never seen a single one (I know I wouldn't be able to sleep afterward).

    5. I read my first romance at age 26 and it was Outlander (I'm obviously a late bloomer ;-)

    6. My inspiration for a romantic hero? Kevin Tucker from SEP's This heart of Mine *sigh******

    7. guilty pleasures? krispy kreme doughnuts and chocolate chip cookies.

    Wow... did it !

  2. Hey Stacy, I would like to add my own tribute to yours.

    A Moment of Silence
    (in Memoriam 9-11-01)
    By Paula Robinson

    The day dawns, dark and damp
    with a chill to the air
    The wind is at a standstill
    the whispering of leaves quieted
    as if demonstrating a subtle moment of silence

    Stillness is pervasive and the quiet is overwhelming
    seeping into the very fiber of our existence
    There is a subtle pause

    As we remember
    for we will never forget
    the tragedy that occurred on this date

    Six years may seem like a lot
    but the pain is as real as if it were today
    Anger and resentment festers within some
    while others vocalize their sorrow

    Teardrops fall from the heavens
    cleansing the earth
    symbolizing our desire to have the tragic events washed away

    Our pain runs deep
    and the scab, though present, is not completely healed
    So let’s all stand in a moment of silence
    and try to ease the indelible ache within us

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