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Wednesday, September 02, 2009:
Book giveaway: copy of "Practice Makes Perfect" by Julie James
I was looking at all my pretty books last night (and believe there are a lot) and again realized that I had 2 copies of "Practice Makes Perfect". Since I'm in such a good mood today, I thought I'd have a contest to give my extra copy (I even think it's signed) to one lucky visitor.

Those of you who visit here with any regularity know I always like to ask some type of question for my contests, and well, this won't be any different. Yesterday on Twitter some of us were discussing qualities we find attractive in a man - sense of humor, forearms, etc - and I thought it would be find to find out what YOU find attractive about the opposite sex. Maybe it's the first thing you notice in a guy, or maybe it's a quality that catches your attention after you've known him awhile. Doesn't matter. There are no right or wrong answers. That's what makes these kinds of questions so much fun.

What trait/feature/quality first attracts you to a guy?

Can you name anyone (celebrity, boyfriend, acquaintance) who

possessives this fine attribute?

Contest ends noon CST on Saturday, September 5th. The winner will be announced sometime over the weekend. Anyone is eligible to enter, as long as they can receive mail. Please DO NOT include your email address in your post. It is the winner's responsibility to contact me within a week upon being notified via a blog post announcing the winner. And as usual, I cannot wait to read all of your responses. There are some really creative people out there ;)

Have fun, and good luck!!!!

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  2. Too bad there isn't an edit option in Blogger. Take two:

    Great question and contest Stacy!

    I tend to say it's a package thing: sum of the parts..yada yada.
    But there are a few things I watch for in a man:

    1. Eyes: nice and preferably not brown like mine
    2. Hands: big hands with long elegant fingers
    3. Butt: firm and round

    These are, in order, the first things I look at when I meet a man that attracts my fancy.

    Now for someone who possesses these qualities:
    My own darling husband. Fell for his eyes and lucked out with the hands and butt (I am so glad hubby doesn't blog hop LOL)

  3. In addition to my entry comment:

    Note that
    1. I have brown, non-descript eyes
    2. Very small hands with stubby little finger
    3. A butt as flat as people once used to think the earth was.

    See the pattern here? *grin*

  4. I like men with a great smile and attitude. The mix of arrogance and charm, that alwasy works very well for me :)

    Ok, I would love to pen down my hubby here and while I love him to pieces he has other qualities :D

    They guy who nails the smile and the attitude is Julian McMahon. Those who know me roll their eyes right about now. I mention him alot when it comes to attitude, especially as Christian troy in Nip/Tuck

    Here a link to a photo for the smile:

  5. a genuine smile that lights up the face

    several male accquintances have this trait.

  6. I notice a guy's eyes first. My friends kid me all the time, but I also love a guy that wears glasses. Just something about it is so sexy to me...see, back to those eyes again. I also love a great smile.

  7. I like a man with some facial hair, kind of the scruffy look. Strong jaw, tall and big. Big meaning cannot be skinny. My husband pretty much fits the bill. :)

    Thanks for the great contest!
    Amy M

  8. Eyes, the eyes are the first thing I always notice about a person. And then of course a nice firm butt!
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway Stacy! I have read Just The Sexiest Man Alive, but not this one yet, please enter me!

  9. Great contest - I've been hearing wonderful things about this book!

    Traits I look for: Great smile, kindness, broad shoulders, tall.

    Don't watch too much TV so I can't think of any actors who fill the bill...lots of print models do though!

  10. It's the eyes. They're the windows to your soul. They can express & suggest so much. Ben Barnes has intense eyes.

  11. Don't enter me - I already have this book :)

    Without a doubt, it's his sense of humor. His ability to laugh at himself and the world around him. Then eyes, then his butt. Yeah, I can be superficial :)

    And I'm lucky that I know someone like this. My hubby :)

  12. Kindness and gentleness attract me to a guy.
    My hubby has those qualities!

  13. Their eyes are what catches my attention. He has to be Physically fit.
    My current boyfriend fits the bill:)

  14. Well well well I do have a thing for black shiny hair (ever since reading Truly Madly Yours actually). No surprise then if I tell you my favorite character with this attribute is Nick Allegreza...

    Great giveaway !!!

  15. Aside from the looks, kindness and sense of humor.

  16. Traits I notice
    A sense of humour
    Common Sense

  17. The eyes are the first thing I notice.

  18. Great question!

    It is not one thing, he has to be tall, friendly, I like blue eyes, probably because I don't have them, and I have to feel at ease with him, very important. In short, he has to look like Beiron Andersson in his 30's!

    Now the only problem is that all my past boyfriends were very different types... apparently I am as eclectic in my choice of men as in my books LOL...

    No honestly a nice man with manners who treats his lady right and looks like ... sorry keep coming back to Beiron Andersson sigh, I wonder if he has a twin...

  19. Hi Stacy!

    I'm a hands and eyes kind of gal. They say eyes are the windows to the soul, beautiful eyes get me everytime. Hands, strong to help bear the weight of the world. What can I say? I like a sweet smile as well, not really a body part, but a guy who like to smile is works their way into my heart.

    Please count me in.

    Dottie :)

  20. I love funny guys,and guys with dimples.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  21. Hi Stacy~

    Great contest!

    For me, it is a man's face...the eyes and smile. Plus, a little bit of that scruffy look does not hurt either.

  22. It's definitely a package deal, but I think I first notice eyes and smile.

    I love bad boy grins like Dennis Quaid's, and I find Jeffrey Dean Morgan really attractive because of that (and other reasons!) too.

    For eyes, I love Johnny Depp's dark eyes, and I love beautiful blue eyes like Mel Gibson's.

    Of course, intelligence, personality, and humor are most important.

  23. What I notice first are the eyes and his smile. Then my eyes do some wandering! ;-)

  24. I find intelligent men really attractive. I also like them to have dark hair and a good sense of humor. My own boyfriend of nine years has almost all of these. Except he is fair haired :)

  25. Probably a guy's voice is what I notice first. I'm pretty quiet, so I guess it's important for me to have someone that I'll like to listen to while they talk. :) Like Alan Rickman... yum!

  26. the way they stand, it tells me if they are certain of themselves and reassured or insecure minsthins at optonline dot net

  27. I like the eyes -- preferably blue. Hugh Grant has great eyes.

  28. Their eyes and overall physique, how comfortable they are in their own skin. George Clooney comes to mind first!
    believedreamcourage (at)

  29. An incredible sense of humor and just that overall sex appeal to go along with it and the first celebrity to come to mind it Robert Pattinson. Love him! Thank you!!

    tiffanys819 at gmail dot com

  30. Hair is the first thing I notice.

    13rubberducks [at] gmail [dot] com

  31. The first thing I notice is the eyes.

  32. No need to enter me - I read this book and really enjoyed it!

    By the way I love eyes, and good teeth (a must!)

  33. Long hair will always make me take a good look!

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

    bloggyig at gmail dot com

  34. I like to meet mean with the same beliefs as I....

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