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Tuesday, August 25, 2009:
Spotlight: I - Larissa Ione

My first experience reading anything by Ms. Ione was when I picked up the first Sydney Croft book a few years ago; It was Riding The Storm, and wow, was it scorching hot and completely intriguing. I then immediately got the second book and that one was even more intense. Incredible powers meshed with sexual need is definitely an explosive combination. Break out the ice cubes and crank up the a.c. for these reads. They are on fire!
Later I kept hearing all these great things about Larissa Ione's Demonica series, so of course, being the follower that I am, easily influenced by outside forces, I picked up a copy of the first book, Pleasure Unbound, and thought it was okay. But then at another time, when I was more in the mood for a demonic possession, I re-read it, and totally GOT it. Larissa had created an incredibly absorbing world of demons and torment. I was captivated by the main characters and definitely clamoring for more, so of course I got the next 2 books in the series. You can't go wrong with a nice, hot demon ;)

I had the pleasure of meeting Larissa at RWA in San Francisco in 2008, and she was so friendly and interesting and made me feel so comfortable, as if all the gushing didn't freak her out a little. She's so nice that she introduced me to the author sitting next to her as a way of introducing that writer's work to others. How cool is that? Definitely very classy.

Larissa has since become one of those auto-buy authors for me, and I'm checking out her site now as I type this, anxious for the next writing installment. Something tells me I definitely want to be Snow Bound ;)

Have you discovered Larissa's books?

Do you have a favorite demon?

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  1. Oooh! LI! I love her!

    Favorite demon? Well, I'm really, really looking forward to Lore's story. But for pure fun? Gotta go with Wraith. Yummy vampire/demon cross! Delicious!

  2. Oh, you sweetheart! I'm so glad you like the books -- and I'm so glad I got to meet you!!! I LOVE meeting readers!

    Will you be at any of the upcoming conferences?

    Kati, thank you! Hope you enjoy Lore (and I gotta admit, I really have a soft spot for Wraith too! *g*)

  3. I looooved the first Demonica book. Riding the Storm was good, but I prefer Larissa's solo efforts. Have you read Snowbound? So amazing. Yum.

  4. One of my fav authors!! I love all of her demons, buy Kynan and Gem - my favs ;)

  5. YES!! A friend turned me onto Larissa about 6 months ago or so...bought PU, and LOVED it...lucky for me, the 2nd book was out, and I didn't have to wait long for the 3rd. Her demons ROCK! Wraith is my favorite, so far, although Shade runs a close 2nd.....

  6. Hi Larissa!!

    YES!!! I am a big fan and love all of Larissa's is hard to pick just one, I'll say Wraith but honestly I love them all!! :)

  7. I've read her Demonica books and Wraith is my favorite.
    I'll definitely have to check her Croft novels, too.

  8. I'm so glad someone mentioned her on Amazon, she is probably one of the best new-ish authors I've read for 08-09.

  9. Hi Stacy:

    I discovered Larissa's not long after Pleasure Unbound was released and have been a devoted fan ever since.

    My favorite demon? Eidolon, he is actually one of my DIK... lol

    I also LOVE Snowbound, my all time keeper contemporary romance and "comfort" read. :)

    Best To You...


  10. I love the Demonica series! I really need to look into the Sydney Croft books too!

  11. I heart you guys...

  12. I've read Pleasure Unbound, I absolutely loved it. I need to move to the next books in the series. Don't ask me why I haven't because honestly I couldn't tell you since I thoroughly enjoyed the first book. Thanks for reminding me that I need to get back to this series. )

  13. I love Larissa Ione, too! I love all three of her current Demonica books... don't make me pick just one! Although Pleasure Unbound is the only one of the three I've reread, so that must say a lot right there. ;)

  14. Oh wow, another great choice Stacy.

    I love Larissa's writing and my favorite demon is Wraith, but then I have not read Lore's story yet. I, also, really love her Sydney Croft writing!

  15. *bangs head against desk*

    I MUST read the Demonica series!

  16. The Demonica series is most excellent! Shade is my favorite, so far, but I'm looking forward to Lore's book soooo much. :o) I have the first Sydney Croft book near the top of the TBR.

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