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Monday, August 17, 2009:
Classic favorite: Anne of Green Gables
I know I've talked about my love for AoGG before, but since I've recently brought it up in a post about some of my favorite things, and found out that some people haven't seen it, I felt like taking a walk down memory lane. So AmyC, this one's for you :)

If you've heard this all before, I do apologize. It's just so much fun for me to talk about. I first came across AoGG on PBS, and I believe one of the scenes that first caught my attention was when Gilbert pulled Anne's hair, and of course she gets red-headed-temper mad and bashes him over the head. Classic But everytime it came on, I managed to miss it. Finally, one day, when I was 14, me and my best friend Jennie were babysitting, and the family had "Anne of Green Gables" and "Anne of Avonlea" on VHS. Score!

Jen and I stayed up and became instantly enamored. We watched almost all 7 hours of it before finally crashing, only to wake up the next morning, anxious to finish the movie. OMG, just a lovely, wonderful, sparkling, romantic adventure. Prince Edward Island is gorgeous, somewhere I'd love to live, and in my mind, there can never be anyone but Megan Follows as Anne Shirley. I think she played her just perfectly: utterly absorbed in her books, intellgent, opinionated, loving, with a hot temper and fierce loyalty. Megan IS Anne.


Here, Anne is supposed to be taking care of her chores, but instead she's been lost in a book and is reciting part of it, lost in the beauty and magic she conjures up from her imagination. Of course, her wandering attention gets her into a spot of trouble....


Here's Anne with her best friend Diana. As they walk along the beach, they talk about boys, and love, and growing up. Anne's set her sights on what's ahead. She doesn't see herself in Avonlea forever. Anne has some definite ideas of where she see's her future going.


Anne loves living at Green Gables with Matthew and Marilla, but she doesn't see that as her life forever. Still, she can savor the beauty of her home....


Anne and Gilbert has always fought, but as they've gotten older, they've finally called a truce, and start to develop a deep friendship. Anne knows that no matter what happens in her life, she can always depend on Gilbert.

This is just a small taste of how amazing this series is. And I cannot neglect to mention the beautiful score that accompanies the movie. It's amazing, and there's one part, near the end of the 2nd movie, that never fails to make me all weepy when the music starts. Gets me everytime. I highly both recommend "Anne of Green Gables", and "Anne of Avonlea", aka "Anne of Green Gables the Sequel". The 3rd movie, released in 1998, is "The Continuing Story", and while it's memorable to see some of the original characters, it's not quite up to par with the earlier editions. See it if you must, but don't expect the same feeling as you might feel in the first 2 movies.

Have you seen these movies?

Have you read the books by Lucy Maud Montgomery?

What do you think is so special about Anne Shirley?

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  1. I loved the books and loved the TV series! I re-read them countless times as a child.

    Anne is a wonderful character. She's a dreamer with a kind heart who manages to forge her way in the world despite her hard childhood.

  2. I adore this series - both book and tv!! I love Anne, but Matthew and Marilla, Gilbert and Diana..they are the best.

  3. I'm a green horn with both books and tv series...really start to wonder what the heck I've been doing in my teens and tweens LOL

  4. Okay, okay, okay! I am going to start watching AoGG's tonight! I won't be able to watch all of it, but I'm going to start it! You make it sound so wonderful! And I want to feel that way too! I love a movie or book that brings out such feeling! Thank you, Stacy!

  5. I loved this series, I read the books over and over again, still have them somewhere.

  6. I love the entire Anne of Green Gables series. I have all the books and have read them over and over. I don't have the movies, but have watched them a number of times. Must add them to my wish list to own.

    Anne is such a strong character that you just have to love her. She knows who she is and what she wants out of life.

  7. I first read the books at 15 (late, but c'mon! they are not the usual children's fare in Mexico) and fell in love with Anne and her life.

    About two decades later I saw bits and pieces of the series on PBS--and I completely agree with you, Megan Follows captures Anne perfectly.

    I think it's worth noting that the movie is actually a miniseries, so that the script is quite close to the novels. Most movie adaptations, IMO, tend to chop off too much of the story.

  8. AoGG is my all-time favorite, and I agree - Megan Follows is the most perfect casting ever. I live in hopes that they'll someday do a movie of Rilla of Ingleside, which is probably my favorite of the books. It wouldn't fit with the movie continuity, but it would still be awesome.

    Stacy, did you know they're releasing some previously unpublished LMM stories connected to Anne's family? I am SO excited.

  9. I had the biggest crush on Gilbert. I loved how this series showed how Anne grew from an awkward little girl into a beautiful young woman. Her romance with Gilbert is one of the most special and beautifully sweet ones I have ever watched on television.

    Did you watch the Avonlea series that had on Disney after AOGG ended? I was addicted to that also.

  10. LOVED the movies! I really need to pick them up for my nieces, I keep talking about it but have yet to do it!

  11. omg, I adore this series. It was one of the hallmark movies of my childhood...I think my first viewing was around age 7 and then we had to watch it at least once a year from then on out. I had such a crush on Gilbert. At least until the second film, then I have to admit I was quite taken with the older man. heh.

    Friends used to tell me I looked like Anne's friend Diana. Something about the long dark hair. I wanted to be Anne though, fiesty, spirited and independent.

    I memorized the entire poem Lady of Shalot because of its prominent place in the movie. And believe me, it is LONG. lol

    Thanks for the reminder of memory lane...I think I need to netflix or borrow from the library so that my fiance can experience the series too.

  12. Oh, I just love this series. And now I want to watch it again, but I've lent my copies to a friend :)

    Oh, and when I was younger I went to camp with twins who looked very like Gilbert!

  13. I loved this TV series and have it on video somewhere. Need to get it on DVD. I read the whole book series to my daughter years ago and gave her the whole set for her birthday. Megan Follows (Anne) and Colleen Dewhurst (Marilla) are wonderful actors and I love to watch them over and over. It's a real classic.

  14. I've some how missed the books and the movies. LOL! Why does this not surprise me? I need to see if I can catch these on DVD, they looks wonderful.

  15. Sarah, I agree. I think Anne encouraged people to dream and imagine, yet also showed she worked for what she had, and that life wasn't always easy.

    Mandi, me too. I just bought the DVD version, like 2 minutes ago LOL.

    Leontine, I came to it later, but it's never too late :)

    AmyC, I really hope you're not disappointed!

    Marissa, I read the books years after I saw these movies. They're a little different, but no less enjoyable.

    Liza, she's such a strong, positive female role model, and I love that about her. For that time period too. Just amazing.

    AL, I think that's what happened w/ the 3rd movie. Seems very removed from the other books.

    Lindsey, I did not know this, but you've got me wanting to find out more! How very cool :)

    Katie, I had a crush on Gilbert too. When he's watching her and Diana on the bridge, and he has that look of love on his face, oh it gets me everytime. Just so sweet. And I LOVED Road to Avonlea. Had a huge crush on Gus Pike. I need to get that series as well.

    Zeek, I hope this inspired you. I just bought the DVDs, and I can't wait to get them!

    Sula, I can imagine you might look like Diana, but your personality is more like Anne. You just seem very sure of who you are and what you want. So that's the best of both worlds.

    Orannia, I'm selfish, so I'd probably not lend my fave DVDs to anyone. You're a good person :)

    Renee, total classic. I love that women are passing it down to their daughters, or nieces. It should live on.

    Donna you must! Just a feel-good series, both the movies and the books. I highly encourage you to check them out.

  16. Stacy: Sweet Gus! This is bringing back my childhood!

  17. Wasn't there a spin-off series of Anne of Green Gables starring Sarah Polly? I used to watch that pretty religiously. I wonder if it's on DVD.

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